On behalf of Expert Village my name is Joe
Spano. This time we are going to teach the serve the complete serve. Emphasizes I’m using
are basic eastern grips for a flat serve of course there is different spin barres but
when you are teaching a beginner you want a basic flat serve. There is 4 parts to this
serve. First of all you want to emphasis the balance once again same balance as you saw
with the forehand balance stroke, what you saw with the forehand volley, the balance
position is the same. The anchor foot is 45 degree to the base line, the adjustment foot
parallel to the base line. The 4 parts are the back swing as the racket comes straight
down to the back scratch we call it a back scratch. Then there is the contact point up
from the head to the follow through as the racket goes down the left side. It is a basic
formation of the swing.

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Dennis Veasley

32 thoughts on “Beginning Tennis Tips & Techniques : Tennis Serve Form Tips & Advice”

  1. this is good, i've been looking for a tutorial that explains the nitty gritty basics like he does. this guy's a way better teacher than the other tennis people from expert village.

  2. Yes Yes except it is the CONTINENTAL grip not eastern. Nobody with a decent serve uses the eastern grip to hold the stick…

  3. wow and i thought eastern was only used in spin serves. my instructor taught me continental for flat and eastern for slice/top spin.

  4. Your basically right, but actually the eastern grip is the best grip in the sense it gives the easiest/best control. However, it gives you bad Tennis elbow and thus why your suppose to use the continental grip (2nd bevel) and pronate as you go to hit the ball. Pronating is like giving a hi-five to the ball as you swing forward.

  5. Hmmm. Thats the complete serve. Maybe you should include the "hammer and nail" technique, just because some people may find the full serve too hard. (Unlike me where I found the full serve easier than hammer nail)

    P.S. If somebody wants to do the hammer nail heres how:
    1.) Go to the point where he was "backscrathcing and hold ball in ready-to-throw position
    2.) throw ball up and swing all the way through
    Not accurate but im sure you can google the technique.

  6. so before i toss the ball i should get in to the "backscratching" position and then toss.
    just having proubles with serving

  7. Basically yes. What this serve does is it gives you more time to react to your toss. I personally found this serve harder for me. Don't ask me why, because most people would think just the opposite, but possibly because I didn't like it due to the fact that it is no longer a fluent motion. If you are really motivated in playing tennis I would strongly advise private lessons. Remember, serving is the most important hit in the game! 😉

  8. I actually agree with you, I hate this back scratch thing. And theres no real swing to it, it's more like blocking the ball at that point. There's also a big flaw in this serve motion, no forward motion, you can't plant you back foot down and serve. when you reach upward and swinging forward and around your body, your back foot should also move with it since your right body can't be moving up and forward while your right foot is still at the same spot.

  9. does anyone play tennis In Orange County? i live in irvine and i need someone to practice with if anyone does please message me

  10. All I hav to say is that…… THIS GUY SUCKS
    I got better info from a book and it doesn't show u how to do it it tells you

  11. expert village is the worst youtube advice channel. every video of theirs, no matter what sport or skill they try to teach you, ends up making you more confused

  12. This is a great video. Thanks for taking the time to put up this tutorial. I'm a tennis coach and this is helpful for me to help my students.

    I have a website with a few quick tips for beginning tennis players if anyone is interested: http://www.squidoo.com/5-keys-to-tennis

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