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Spano. Another fine point in the serve is to keep your eye obviously on the ball and
chin and left shoulder the toss arm or right shoulder if your a lefty as high as you can
and looking at the ball totally as you come up from your back foot to the contact point
and down your left side to the follow through. I always tell the students do not look at
the ball, but look at my eyes as I knock this ball into the box. Okay my head is completely
up and eyes at the ball. Left shoulder up, those balls are in the box. You don’t need
to drop your head or eyes but the contact to make solid hits you want to keep your head
and that shoulder up to the ball and extend to the ball.

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Dennis Veasley

6 thoughts on “Beginning Tennis Tips & Techniques : How to Keep Your Eye on the Tennis Ball”

  1. If you look down, that is where the ball is going to go…right into the net. Keep your head up and direct the ball with your racquet, not your head.

  2. WTF? that's just stupid
    how the hell do you follow your serve?
    try it yourself, keep your head and left shoulder up and see if you can swing up and around your right arm … you're more likely to break you neck of something doing that …

  3. @iamleda directing the ball to the right spot is all about the direction in which you swing. it has nothing to do with where you look

  4. Excellent tip. But many viewers are missing the point. The point is, eyes on the ball. At the end of the video, he says he tells his students to "not look at the ball but his eyes" meaning that they should see him watching the ball as he strikes it. In other words, "see the ball, strike the ball", then watch me "see the ball, strike the ball"…

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