On behalf of Expert Village I’m a tennis instructor
in Oak Ridge, New Jersey and today I’m going to show you the basic of teaching tennis.
Okay before learning the strokes of tennis the most important thing is understanding
the different areas grip. Most common grip to be teaching a beginner is the eastern grip
and this grip is just shaking hands with the racket so that the V of your hand comes here
and you see the top of the racket is even with the V. Then you have the back hand grip
which you take the 4 fingers. The easiest way to teach this is the first knuckle, the
4 finger knuckle is on top of the racket. There is a continental grip which is in between
the eastern grip and the back hand grip. Continental grip is used by advance players many times
and the volley stroke where they don’t have to change their grip to back hand forehand.
Or in the other forehand is extreme western grip. A lot of players now use to create extra
top spin. These are your 4 basic grips in tennis.

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Dennis Veasley

26 thoughts on “Beginning Tennis Tips & Techniques : Basic Tennis Racket Grips”

  1. The back hand grip shown in the clip assumes you are going to hit topspin back hand. It no use for a sliced backhand.

  2. there are different kinds of grips??!!! wow in badminton i only use one..whew it's hard to learn tennis!!

  3. Its only beginning tennis tips… Lighten up…

    I've never called the topspin grip extreme western before and yea maybe your right he didn't exagerate when it came to showing the grip but about 1:04 is accurate enough since most beginners won't be using topspin in the early stages.

  4. umm, that looks more like a semi western to me … and besides that, the swing path is wrong, regardless what your grips is you never hit the ball with the that open face swing upward … I don't think he's certified, you never teach or show a swing where you swinging square and at contact have the face open, thats something a beginner would do …

  5. this is the worst tennis video i have watched .. why dont you go and shove that tennis grip up you 'A' hole .. im sure theres no right grip for that right ?? dumbass

  6. If you want to learn a cool tennis trick search how to spin your tennis racket around your wrist and click on the first video

  7. The second I realized this was an expertvillage video I hit the pause button, entered this comment, and hit the back button on my browser.

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