Okay we’re talking about the differences
between dance shoes and regular shoes. Okay dance shoes, no matter what, should always stay on your foot. Don’t dance with flip-flops. Don’t dance with shoes
that are too big and can easily slip off your feet because the last thing that
you want to do when you’re dancing is have this beautiful move and then have
your shoes fly across the room okay and then you have to go chase after it yeah
you don’t want to do that so very important that your shoes properly fit
you and they stay on your feet second thing but you want slippery soles
because you’re going to be doing a lot of turns a lot of spins ladies this is
very important for you guys because the guys are going to be turning you like 20
different times okay in the span of like an hour like seriously
so you want to have you want to have slippery soles to make your life easier
to make your partner’s life easier at my West Coast Swing class there’s this guy
who like anytime he spins me he’s like oh my god you have the nicest turns
because and honestly like okay I have dance experience
but those turns would not be as smooth if I wasn’t wearing like my flats or
other proper dance shoes that I might be using so like if I were tennis shoes or
something like that they would grip on the floor I might trip and fall
they might trip and fall you don’t want to get hurt or your partner also make
sure your shoes are comfortable if you are taking a class an hour-to-hour class
okay they don’t have to be the most comfortable thing in the world but if
you’re at a social dance a three-day competition you will want to pick
the most comfortable shoes you will be on your feet for like eight hours no
joke I was up until 3:00 in the morning at one point dancing and I’m telling you
it’s not just your feet that hurt your entire legs hurt after that after like
six hours of dancing so trust me you will want to wear comfortable shoes now
that being said there are heels and dancing but I suggest for beginners to
wear just comfortable shoes if you want to wear heels that’s fine I suggest a
shorter heel the typical range of heels for dance shoes is 1.5 to 3 inches again
I would recommend the shorter heels just because you don’t want your feet to hurt
all the time my experience with rain heels I was at
swing at Palooza which is this dance competition in Baton Rouge three-day
type of thing first name I brought some four-inch heels they looked really cute
with my outfit but after like two hours of just standing not even like too much
I felt the pain and so I switched to other sheets luckily I brought my flats
which were a lifesaver for the other two days so it just really worked out so I’m
gonna talk about the different styles of dance shoes especially partner dancing
the West Coast Swing they have heels they’re kind of like
kitten heels I have some and they also have boots there are these special boots
that have souls that are kind of like velvety on the sole and so it’s like
really nice it makes it slide easy a lot of people love the boots because they’re
just comfortable I personally have never
tried them before but they do look really comfortable so I might get some
another shoe or salsa there what I’ve seen is pretty much all hi tend to be a
little bit more on the glitzy side maybe they have brighter colours to match the
outfit that the dancers are wearing so yes all set is a very like performance
type of partner dancing I’ve seen people where jazz shoes in West Coast Swing
classes I mean go for it I’ve worn jazz shoes before they are very comfortable
they’re very flexible for your foot so I think that if you have a pair of jazz
shoes because you’ve been dancing jazz before I mean you can wear those I also
have noticed that West Coast Swing salsa and bachata all kind of use the same
type of high-heeled for dance shoes so you could honestly buy one pair of heels
and like be good for like all those dances and not even have to like buy a
ton of pairs I’ve done a ton of styles also flats and Tom’s can also be worn I
love my flats they’re my favorite the high heels that I bought for West Coast
Swing I like them they’re nice but I wouldn’t wear them for social
for class I would but for social dancing I would prefer my flesh just because
we’re comfortable my feet are flat on the ground and also I’m still breaking
in my West Coast Swing shoes to be honest so there is a little bit of like
you know friction and like trying to like get my foot you stupid those are my

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Dennis Veasley


  1. Hadn't really thought about the importance of the shoes before, so thanks for explaining! Would be curious what y'all thought about the Anime "Welcome to the Ballroom" (Bōrurūmu e Yōkos) since they seemed to deal with some of the same struggles (assuming it's at all like what y'all have experienced)? Thanks again for the informative video!

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