Okay, resources; what do you need to improve
your game? You’re going to need some tennis balls, you need a racquet, but I think you
need a concept of the game. So, trying to find a coach will help. If you’ve got somebody
in your family like a parent, a brother or a sister to practice with. Getting these Nerf
balls so you can hit against the wall, and also tennis balls and find a good wall to
practice against. But when you go on the Internet, there’s a lot of great resources and there’s
a lot of videos you can watch to watch the great pros technique; how they do stuff. You
want to get fitter. You want to join the USTA and get Tennis magazine. If you do stuff like
that, you’ll start reading and watching and knowing th game better and better. Plus you’ll
enjoy it more. So, if you ever go to a pro tournament, that’s unbelievable to watch the
pros play and practice and of course, there’s a lot of matches on television. So, the most
important thing is to just get out and start hitting; whether it’s drop and hit or whether
it’s hitting the wall. Try to find a good coach; somebody that you like working with
and then find some other people to practice with and I think if you can do all that, your
game will once again improve pretty quickly.

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