Okay, we’re going to do mini tennis with Nerf
balls. Whether you’re an advanced player, or a newer player, the Nerf ball is a lot
of fun. It’s easy to keep it in play. So, mini tennis just means we’re going to use
the service boxes of the tennis court, and we’re just going to try to keep it in play;
we’re not going to do anything fancy. So this will help you get your preparation racquet
ready; you’ll have to move to the ball, but you can hit the ball hard or easy; very nice
Darrin. You can work on a volley. But by keeping the ball in play it develops a rhythm, and
the rhythm is the most important thing for the improving player to learn how to get that,
and the only way you get it is from the doing. Now look at Darrin ripping these one-handed
tailspin backhands at me. So you can feel like you’re Federer, and Sampras with a drill
like this, and then you can make games out of this. But that’s a great way to practice
your game, and for the beginning player, or the juniors the Nerf ball slows it down enough
to where you can have great rallies, and it’s really a lot of fun and will show up in the
rest of your game.

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Dennis Veasley

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