OK, a lot of people, they play in their leagues
or their children are young and they get them into tournaments but people are always going,
” well how important is winning”, and I think that winning is really the result of doing
things right. So if you are obsessed with winning, a lot of times it’s going to stunt
your growth as a player because you could win at a low level with bad technique and
bad form and then you’ll never do any better. But if you focus on trying to improve your
skills then winning will take care of itself. So if you look at the great players such the
Federer’s and the Sampras’ and the Agassi’s and the McEnroe’s. Those guys were great players
with great technique. And then they became winners. So if you can say to yourself, if
I can hit the ball fifty times in a row against the wall. Well, when you start playing somebody
that fifty times in a row is going to produce some victories. If you can’t hit the ball
fifty times in a row against the wall, yet you want to win matches then you’re asking
for something that really isn’t all that realistic. So the best way to measure your success is
to see how well can you keep the ball in play against the wall. How well can you do the
drills that we’ve demonstrated in the series so far. And if you can do those competently
and keep improving at them, then winning will take care of itself. And the more that you
practice the better you’ll play, the more that you play the better you’ll be at winning.
And then winning I would say will show that you’re doing the right things. But I wouldn’t
be obsessed about it. Enjoy the game cause it’s a game for a lifetime and there’s always
somebody that’s tougher coming along.

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “Beginner Tennis : Beginner Tennis: Measuring Success”

  1. you are sooo right great concept better player better result. I hit agaist the wall a lot and serve with my ball hopper hundreds of times this is not only fun but relaxing.

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