Ok, in this drill, Darren is going to toss
the ball to me. I’m going to be standing on the service line, right there, and I’m going
to hit the ball off his toss down the line. What this drill teaches me to do, and will
teach you what to do, is to learn how to stay away from the ball, how to get a turn, and
to hit the ball. By being relatively close to the net, it makes me have to spin the ball
a little more to get the ball over and to have it land in. Now landing the ball in isn’t
all that important right now, just to work on this drill, but it will be as you progress
at it. So we’re going to do some forehands and then we’re going to demonstrate a couple
of backhands also.
See how I turn and I spin the ball and then I go back to the starting spot. So I prepare
the racket, and I turn and I hit it. Ok, so that’s the forehand side. Now we’re going
to move over to the backhand side. Ok, so the whole idea of these drills is they’re
very simple, but they get you set up to where you have to stay away from the ball, because
you don’t want to get too close to the ball. You want to be able to keep the ball away
from you, so you can swing on the forehand and backhand. What you do with your partner
is that you go and throw the ball to them, so you get a lot of great practice. It’s much
focused and as you get better at it, it gets pretty tiring too.

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Dennis Veasley

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