Okay, now we just demonstrated the block/slide/push
forehand with Darren. Now we’re going to do what’s called a topspin forehand. Now the
topspin forehand, the purpose of it, is to hit the ball a little higher with topspin.
Now topspin means, as the ball goes away from you, it’s going to spin like that. And I’ll
demonstrate this. So that’s topspin, and what that’s going to do is you’re going to be able
to hit the ball hard, it’s going to go a little high and it’s going to spin and it’s going
to land back in. And when you watch the pros on TV, that’s their main forehand, is the
topspin forehand. So we’re going to use this wall here to demonstrate how to hit the topspin
forehand. So what you want to do, is you just want to drop the ball and you want to spin
it. See, I just brushed up on it, and I hit topspin. And you see if I have to move my
feet, because if I don’t move, I won’t be able to… I get in proper position to hit
the ball. Now the other thing that you can do as a newer player, is you can use one of
these Nerf balls. One of the best things to do in tennis is to use a slower ball, because
a brand new tennis ball can be quite bouncy. So if you use a Nerf ball, it slows it down,
and you can see the ball spinning, and you can develop through repetition, a pretty consistent
confident stroke.

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Dennis Veasley

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