Okay, in this segment, we just talked about
the topspin forehand, so we’re going to have Darren demonstrate it with a regular tennis
ball and then with the nerf ball. I suggest all players go and get some of these, because
if you’re a beginner, this is the best way to keep it in play, which we will demonstrate
in another segment of this series. But Darren’s going to show us how to hit the topspin forehand
against the wall, and he’s going to hit it at his moderate pace so he can control it.
So Darren, let’s see what you can do here. So you see how he’s brushing up on the ball,
which gives it the topspin, and then he’s moving his feet, so he gets in position to
hit every ball. Okay, that’s pretty good, Darren, let’s try you with the nerf ball now.
So you can see how the nerf ball is a bigger target. It slows the ball down, but it allows
you to work on your stroke, and it allows you to work on your movement. So if you do this as much as you can at home
or at a park, or against the wall at your club, your game will improve faster than just
about anything else you can do.

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24 thoughts on “Beginner Tennis : Beginner Tennis: Forehand Topspin Applied”

  1. he has to hit like that to keep control of the ball off the wall. Anymore and the ball will come off the wall with too much force. Which is also, why I find that the wall is the worst way for me to practice my strokes. But depending on how you do it… you might be able to practice topspin groundstrokes…

  2. It's a ball for nerds who can't hit a proper tennis ball. You'll end up looking exactly like this dude – not recommended!

  3. Not a good forehand – the elbow bends too soon! The arm should be extended through impact – this forehand is too cramped! Watch some Federer forehands and you will see the correct technique.

  4. Roger Federer extends his arm to hit the ball harder, though he still has control of the ball, he only extends his arm as far as he can only to hit it hard, however this guy is only teaching the basics of how to hit a top spin shot, though it isn't the best example.

  5. You do realize that these videos are for beginners. A comparison to how Roger Federer hit the ball to some one starting out is completely ludicrous.

  6. @RibbonPlg lmao ribbon u ahve no clue what u r talking about ahhaha!!! You probably think that you are good… Look at me type Grayson Goldin in im the first video

  7. Just watching how slow he hits it irritates me. Makes me all shaky like "Can we get a move on?!" I understand it's a demonstration and that it's my choice to watch it but man. It's easier to learn tennis on the court than from videos, by the way. Your experience will be much different from these guys if you're a beginner.

  8. Drills like these might look dumb and seem like only new players do these, but its a great way to get proper form down and not play like a lot of these dumb players just killing the ball hitting most of the balls either out or not were they exactly wanted to place breaking things down before power and speed and looking good makes good tennis players.

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