Okay, now in this segment we’re going to go
over the one-handed top spin backhand. We’re going to do a drill that’s called drop and
hit. So, I as the coach am going to drop the ball for Darren to work on his one-handed
backhand. So, the most important thing here; and this is a great drill whether you’re an
advanced player or you’re a beginner. So parents you can drop the ball to your kids or the
great players in the world will just drop it and hit it. So, it’s a real basic drill,
but it’s a way of really developing your consistency in your technique. So Darren’s going to demonstrate.
He’s using the grip, the extreme grip for the one-handed backhand and he’s going to
come through the ball using his hip shoulder turn. So, here we go Darren. Okay, a little
long. Drive through it a little more. There you go. And come over the top a little more.
That’s it. That was an excellent spinning shot. Okay, good. Excellent. So, Darren, just
demonstrated how you turn the body. This is where you generate your force and then you
turn and you whip the racquet through. Okay, naturally the key to generating racquet head
speed; a basic drill like this, if you can’t drop the ball and keep it in play, then you’re
probably not going to be able to do it in a match. So, the up and coming players are
going to do this until they don’t miss. So, Darren thanks a lot for that excellent demonstration.

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Dennis Veasley

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