Okay, in this segment we’re going to talk
about the two-handed backhand which Andre Agassi had a great one. Jim Courier, obviously
a lot of the current players, men and women use two hands. The two-handed backhand is
really in a lot of ways the mirror image of your forehand. So, as your forehand will look
like this for a right hander, the two-handed backhand is really a left-handed forehand
with a right handed help because most of us right-handers don’t have too much coordination
on our left side. And if you’re a left hander, you’ll probably not going to be too coordinated
on your right side. So, we use the two hands so we can get a full body turn and hit the
ball with some pace and some consistency. So, what I want you to think about in this
drill is called the drop and hit. Darren’s going to throw the ball to me and I’m going
to try and do my best to turn and hit the ball. So Darren. You see how I turn and I
hit up on the ball and I’m generating a decent amount of topspin. And I can hit the ball
higher. I can hit it harder and lower. But you want to do is just learn to consistently
hit the ball with a lot of spin and if you do that, your game and your results will improve
rapidly. So, the two-handed backhand is a very, very important shot. You don’t have
to have a two-hander. You can use the one hander that we’ve already worked on, but it’s
a lot of fun to hit and half the players that are great use two hands and half use one hand.
So, it’s up to you. Find out what works for you.

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Dennis Veasley

6 thoughts on “Beginner Tennis : Beginner Tennis: 2-handed Backhand”

  1. That's not true for a couple reasons:

    a) the one-hand backhand is bio-mechanically easier to hit, which means when you first learn it, you generate more pace than when you first learn the 2 hander

    b) the two-hand backhand relies on the non-dominant hand of the player for the swing and the dominant hand for stabilization, so you're not getting "2 hands of strength"

    c) they already compared the two swings in a study with Sampras/Agassi and found there's no real difference, so go with comfort.

  2. @RockinToTheMax i agree with all of the point except the last one, sampras dont have the best or even close to the best 1 hander, but agassi has one of the top if not best 2 hander backhand, so those 2 comparing backhands dont really prove anything

  3. @RockinToTheMax if the one handed is bio-mechanically easier, does that mean that my biological makeup is messed up? 0.0 i can never hit one hands…. i used to but then they died and i cant anymore

  4. A proper two handed backhand is a forehand on the other side ! Been hitting 2 handle for nearly a year , only recently learnt about hitting it mainly with none playing arm, my one handed has very good placement but I prefer the 2 handed ! More power ! ( if your ambidextrous enough to do it)

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