Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today, I want to present to you
the best artworks collection about table tennis. The creator of these drawing is
Ms. Yu Ju Yen (Ruby Yen). With her permission, I want to promote these
artworks to many table tennis lovers all over the world. Guess who is this young player? He is, of course, our champion Zhang Jike. And this little girl? Mima Ito. And here is the artist, Ms. Yu Ju Yen. A very talented artist. She comes from Taiwan.. And now, take your coffee and enjoy the amazing
drawing of your favorite table tennis players! This “guy” is my favorite! And what is yours?

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Dennis Veasley

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Table Tennis Artworks by Yu Ju Yen”

  1. If you watch the video carefully, you can see that the bat of Joo is very large. It's true! The defensive blade is always the largest one. Ms. Yen has a sharp eye also in table tennis 🙂

  2. I already know her and the artworks really are so realistic that you can recognize them without the names. 😀
    My favorite is Timo Boll too!

  3. Eh notado una en muchos videos que usted tiene una admiración por Zhang Jike ¿por qué considera a él superior a los demás?.
    A mí me gustan más Ma Long, Fan Zhendong y Xu xin 🙂

    Pd: El dibujo de Mima Ito es muy bueno

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