Hello, I’m coach Moe Gingerich From the UP Fighting Maroons I’m an assisstant coach here, and now, I’m going to teach the
basic skills in basketball. So now, we’re going to
teach basic skills involved in dribbling. So same as shooting, if you can see, the ball should
not hit your palm. Ok? Only your finger tips or
finger pads should be touching the ball, so that we can contriol the ball better. So when dribbling, if we want
to protect the ball, Same thing, we must be in the
athletic stance. Stay low. The other arm, must be
protecting the ball, okay? Our dribble should not be too high or
too low to avoid getting the ball stolen. Okay, same thing while you are dribbling, you should
not be looking down or at the ball. You should be looking up, at so
you could see your team mates, and the person defending you. Okay, so in dribble it’s all about
repetition. Then in dribbling, whatever you can
do with your right hand you can also do it on your left. So if you can do it with your left hand,
you shoud be able to do it with the right hand. And those are the basics
involved in dribbling.

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