You know, learning to play basketball, it’s
not all playing games, playing, playing straight five on five games. Sometimes to improve your
game you might, you, you and your friends might want to get together, and play a game
of 21. Hi, I’m Travis and this is how to play 21. Whenever you’re starting a game of 21
you want to always start, the game always starts by someone taking the ball and shooting
it from the free throw line to start the game. Now we, we’re not, as you get older you might
want to move back and start he game from the 3 point line which is what I usually do but
you want to start the game either, either here or the 3 point line. So if we’re starting
the game, we’re starting the game from the, from the free throw line, it starts it off
with a free throw. Every free throw is 1 point, once that shot, once you take that shot the
game begins. Now everyone else on the court it’s, it’s every man for himself. So everyone
else on the court is trying to get the ball so if you make it you continue to shoot until
you can make 3. If you miss it, they get the balls in play; here we go every man for himself.
So once every man, once, once everyone’s scrambling around trying to get the ball it’s anyone,
if any man shoot; once the free throw is missed, if anybody hits another shot in between that
time, any shot other than a free throw is going to be 2 points. So let’s say I missed
the, I missed my free throw so everybody’s scrambling around, I get the ball, another
man, I; I get the ball and I make it, that’s 2 points. Once you hit that 2 pointer that
person goes back to the free throw line to shoot another free throw. Now let’s say you’re
at the free throw line and you’ve got 20, and you got to hit this last shot to win the
game, different rules, different rules within different places that you play so if I got
20 and I’m on the line, and I shoot that free throw and make it the game is over. Now if
I shoot that free throw and I miss it, the game; actually my score goes back to 21, the
game changes. So it’s, it’s a little, it’s a little crazy depending on where you’re playing
but that the basis of playing 21.

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Dennis Veasley

23 thoughts on “Basketball Tips : How to Play 21 in Basketball”

  1. lol. we have a totally different rule in philippines.. its 2 points at the free-throw, you then chase the ball before it bounces twice (made the shot or not) then shoot again and thats 1 point. and if you manage to score both of them you shoot again. and its first to get to 21 wins.
    But.. if your on 20. your first shot have to hit (in this order) the RING then the BOARD and then shoot your second shot which is the 1 point to get 21 and win the game..
    its alot harder than you think..

  2. sorry but i didnt get the rules you said.. but this is the rules in philippines.. (down below). its much more convenient. 😛

  3. If you're at 20 and miss the free throw you go back to 11. If you are making your win shot after you hit 21 and you miss it your score goes to 21. Like he said different people play by different rules but I believe he misspoke

  4. I always murder people in 21. Every time a shot goes up, I hit the glass but the key is not to forget to clear the ball to the 3 point line instead of the free throw line so it is a bit harder to score.

  5. He must have said that by accident. I recall it going down to 13 in my old circles. Others have said 11, 15… I'm sure that's what he meant.

  6. First one to make a 3 pt shot starts the game. If any player 0 points when someone reaches 11 points is eliminated to get the scrubs out. If you have 20 points and miss the free throw you go back to 15. You also can shoot up to 3 free throws depending on makes and then you take the ball out . Your welcome

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