One important thing about playing the game
of basketball, is being and staying in shape. Hi, I’m Travis, and this is how you stay in
shape, for the game of basketball. First of all, what you want to do, is you want to consult
with your doctor, to make sure you’re physically able to do, any type of activity, and how
much exactly you’re able to do. Once you do that, and he gives you the ok, you want to
first start, with maybe not even using a basketball. You want to do conditioning, what we call
conditioning, and one of the conditioning exercises that a lot of basketball programs
do, is Suicides. Now, Suicides is very rigorous, so again I stress, check with your doctor,
make sure you can do everything, but Suicides, the way Suicide starts is, you start from
the baseline. You go from the baseline. You run and touch the free throw line, and then
you go back, touch the baseline again, and do the same thing, all the way down to the
half court line, and back. Then, go all the way down to the next free throw line, and
back. Then, touch the other baseline, and come back, and do all that, full speed in
thirty seconds. That’s what we used to do, and that determined, whether we were in shape
or not. If you can do that, the next step, then once again, that starts your conditioning.
Then, you can start to work on other things, like ball handling, we talked about earlier.
Getting your shot together, and some other things like that, because that will have your
game. You’ll have the total package, but conditioning is step number one, because if you don’t have
conditioning, you won’t have the legs to do anything else, so some of the drills that
you might want to do when you’re warming up, before you start. You might want to do some
high knees, which is where you just come up, and do high knees, all the way down from the
baseline, to the half court line, then do it back. Another drill you might want to do,
is called Karaoke. Step over. If you look at my feet, step over. One, two, step over,
and do it full speed, all the way down, and then try it all the way back,crossing over,
back and forth, so once you get some of those drills down, and you stretch, then you can
get into some of your running, your Suicides. Picking up the ball, and working on ball handling,
full speed, down and back. You get that together, get up a good sweat, then you’re starting
to work on your game, and get your conditioning together, and then you’re becoming a basketball
player, that’s in shape. There you have it, getting in shape for the game of basketball.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Basketball Tips : How to Get in Shape for Basketball”

  1. I dunno maybe im a skinny guy, but i have played basketball and suicides never posed a problem for me, yea they are straining but so is running for a long time it just gets your heart going and gets you tired but nothing specific about it makes it that difficult,

  2. Thanks A lot! I started timing my suicides about 3 months ago (when I was out of shape) and now I can do 5 sets continuously in 2:45! This video has been a great help, and now I'm much lighter on my feet.


  4. @MarkTimchuk The slowest player on my team was doing suicides in 29 seconds when i was in high school (17u) and he was white asian haha, i dont see what u mean by only black ppl can do suisicdes. Im white n I do it in 25 secs

  5. great video! One thing I always focused on while being a ball player was having a really really strong core which helped build strength throughout my body and have the muscle endure to stay in tripple threat for long periods and out do my competitors.

  6. you know what i'm white and i can dunk and i run more than 10 mph so that's not true. the white people can do it too!

  7. @MarkTimchuk I know from experience its not that hard to run a suicide in under 3o seconds, even if your white, because all you need to do is be able to have a quick acceleration. Any fit person can do it. If they can then they can just do wind sprints.

  8. @MarkTimchuk MMMM pretty sure dirk nozwitzi however you spell his last name larry bird steve nash jason kidd in his prime can do it

  9. @MarkTimchuk bs dude. i play hs ball and i'm white and i do suicides in 28 seconds. all u gotta do is get off youtube and run a couple of miles a day.

  10. One thing to keep in mind when y'all are doing the kareoke drill, focus on pivoting your hips. That's what the drill is trying to stress. Make sure to really turn your hips as you move your feet

  11. What is the minimum number of suicides or minimum amount of time that you recommend? Time as in total duration of the conditioning exercises.

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  14. This is a poor video. You don't just do suicides and replicate your varsity conditioning to get back into shape and back into basketball.

    Get a weekly workout regimen, eat right (no processed foods, etc.), work on your ball strengths, work on your weaknesses, don't scrimmage and hit the park for pickups constantly, and get after it.

  15. I Think All Male Basketball Players With Shaved Armpits In Tank Top A-Shirts Plus Buzz Cuts With Straight Across High Sideburns And All Female Basketball Players Wearing A Ponytail Or A Bun Need To Eat More Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Plus Drink Gatorade For Getting In Shape For Basketball Season

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