Hi everyone this is Chris Gorres and
this video here I made to help some of the coaches who are struggling with how
to use the VertiMax with a large group of players. The first video that we made
was an actual training session with 24 athletes using just two units of VertiMax
We had the V8EX’s so on one side of the VertiMax I was working on lateral
quickness being able to shuffle out and back as fast as you can for 10 seconds
and then you would rest for 20 seconds and then do it again for another 10
seconds. For the vertical jump again same things we’re working for 10 seconds, rest for
20, and then do it again whether it be resisted or unresisted. And then on
the flip side of the VertiMax we’re working on that linear acceleration
again the work interval of 10 seconds and 20 seconds, two rounds of that. If you
take this 10 seconds on 20 seconds off through two rounds that’s a full minute
so what I did is I had the other 12 players who were resting or waiting to
use the VertiMax I had them in a plank because we know that core strength is
going to be a big big factor when it comes to vertical jump, when it comes to
explosiveness so that’s part of what we do when we train with VertiMax is we want
to make sure we strengthen the core. So we do the minute on VertiMax and then
the two groups will switch and then after that first set then what you do is
just rotate through so the jumpers will then go to the shuffle, the shuffle
will go to the linear acceleration and linear acceleration will go to the
jump. Overall you want to be using the twenty minutes but in 20 minutes I can
get everybody through six sets – we’re talking about six different sets of exercises
that we can do on there and get everybody through an entire session
using just two units. Another one of the drills that we did today was setting
up the VertiMax’s out on the wings. What I had was the guys on one side of the
VertiMax alternating and doing just a rip straight to the basket into a layup
or into a dunk they were done and they would alternate so we have two guys
going from the left side, two guys going from the right side and then on the flip
side of that VertiMax we’re just doing our basic ball handling with the
resistance just teaching those guys to be able to handle the ball and advance
forward with every step so they’re doing an in-and-out dribble into a cross, into a through-the-legs, into a behind-the-back and just repeating that
all the way down advancing with every dribble and every step. Another one of
the drills that we did today is we set up the VertiMax’s right underneath the nail so we’re working on close outs getting out to the top of the feet and
out to the wing. Again we had two players on the top of the VertiMax working
over there on each side so four players in total and on the backside of that
VertiMax we’re working on that pound dribble into a drop lunge, we’re working
on what we would get into on like a step back into a jump shot or
step back into a hip swivel whatever it may be. So another great way to implement
the VertiMax, get eight guys working at the same time, working with the
basketball I think it’s such a valuable tools to be able to use on the court. So
I hope you like this video and if you like more check out VertiMax.com, you
can also follow me on social media Instagram: @trainergorras twitter: @trainergorres
I’m also on Facebook and on YouTube

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Basketball Team Training – 24 athletes & 2 VertiMax”

  1. All great exercises !! especially great if the coaches understand how to teach the proper body positions to execute all these exercises. So the next video will hopefully be about performance technique for each exercise shown in this video

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