what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel guys took my shirt off for this one start working out Caleb it’s you
really let yourself go good three basketball challenges all while wearing
a sumo suit and it’s kind of warm out here so we’re gonna be so sweaty by the
end of it first one’s going to involve some
chopsticks to stay on theme because those are all right first challenge
involves some chopsticks second challenge is going to involve some
running and third challenge is gonna be one-on-one so make sure you watched till
the end for the one-on-one challenge here we go alright guys so for this
first challenge you have to spin the ball on the chopstick like that except
it’s gonna stay up you have to start underneath this basket here you only get
one spin and you have to take it as far as you can walk into the other basket
wherever the ball falls that’s where you have to shoot your shot we’re gonna do
it three times person who makes it the most times wins this round
are you ready Josh I’m ready let’s see it we’re getting some odd looks I’m not
sure why yeah oh wow you’re really good oh wow maybe
this is easier than we yeah I didn’t think you’re gonna make it that far
maybe this was a little bit easier than I thought okay so Caleb got one point
got all the way there that was impressive here we go
I don’t think we’re gonna be able to do that again oh my gosh oh stop it
something’s up okay alright yeah you kept it going for a long time this is
this is far more yeah three-pointer I can’t oh wow that was really bad this is beauty Oh No okay okay this is
like a line it’s on my back man yeah yeah if you make it I’ll scratch it for
you I don’t think you’re making this though Oh drop it drop it drop it drop it drop it
whoa I’m not you like you kind of good for a second hold on second try I need
to get at least one point don’t miss it down whoo that was much
better and I where’d you figure out how to spin it on
chopstick I guess third turn yeah hey best of luck did that bound him okay now that we’re sweating all warmed
up I’m Caleb also took off his shirt underneath the sumo suit so it’s just
real gross in there pretty moist it’s quite humid yeah best yeah moist of the
gross words but anyway now that we’ve got warmed up we’re gonna really sweat
it out and we’re ready to the fastest time because as we saw just now running
in this thing looks hilarious we’re going to do the fastest time to make a
layup at all six hoops here Caleb are you ready this is yeah I just can’t see you
nope Caleb your time starts three two one begin oh wow he’s running Caleb you have a
wedgie oh he’s gone pretty fast 300 that’ll cost him that’ll cost him
that’s really gonna costume oh boy and time I got right on the money you
can’t see it on the camera it says 39.6 there’s a little fan that keeps these
things and played it and it fell to his ankles alright Josh your time begins in
three two one go no air for mrs. C running affects it he’s not going as
fast not going as fast with you where’s my phone no I think said 36 are
you sure 102 positive what did I get thirty seven
point six okay guys oh sorry I’m tired but I won so that’s good so I have one
point and going into the next round so I guess if I beat Caleb and this I win if
he wins then we need to find some sort of tiebreaker and the next round is
one-on-one basketball while wearing the suits so not looking great since we meet
where’s Caleb obviously where’s Caleb where’d you go Oh Caleb what are you
doing where did you get those noodles it’s like 90 degrees out here you’re
eating hot noodles I’m training okay the first one to five points here we go okay
Kim I’ll give you the ball first give me space shoot now it’s a pseudo Oh zombies brick wall they call me the
great loss okay one zero No your feet yeah no brother no Rize good zero this is a game point I need to
stop oh I was but the hitchens backward shot where you work I was too good game time okay
Caleb wins me to be a tiebreaker for a tiebreaker before we died of cardiac
arrest because clearly we’ve let ourselves go we’re going to do the
fastest time to make layup free-throw three-pointer Caleb’s ready
for the ball Caleb are you ready okay ready three two
one begin Oh Turner up oh and time hi Josh you gotta be 28
seconds three two one begin oh she’s fadeaways chest and it 10 seconds I felt nice what our kids are
doing well gonna go eat your feelings away no no that’s no good
thanks about to watch them but make sure you head over to Caleb’s channel because
we did another sports challenge in these suits which we haven’t filmed yet and
we’re really looking forward to it because it’s not hot out here at all you
know I’m good to go home we’ll see make sure you subscribe have it yeah I’ve got
videos every Monday Wednesday every Saturdays make sure you subscribe you
haven’t got yet sure Josh we hit the 10,000 mark on my channel the next goal
50,000 by July I think we can do it we have actually a big giveaway for that
but I’m not gonna announce the giveaway into we’re halfway there
sounds good we’ll see you guys later Oh Instagram shoutouts who they are I guess
I’ll hold them both up please follow us on Instagram Caleb Nash beep sterling
Josh we’ll see you guys later bye Oh No yeah can you help me take this off
no you gotta hold it oh we’re just going to this No

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  2. I love your channel Josh please send me some juggling balls since I liked and commented in the first 10 minutes

  3. I finally liked and commented in the first 10 minutes. Can I please get jugglin balls?🙂
    Edit- I also subbed with notifications on

  4. This is hilarious and awesome! I've been wanting to do a superhero sumo challenge on my channel for forever

  5. Lol, no one else would eat noodles in a corner in 90 degree weather in a sumo suit in the middle of filming a video with your friend but Caleb!!!

  6. Hey Josh & Caleb! Just wanted to let you guys know that those basketball nets are actually not made correctly. The rim is made out of a metal that is waaaay too bouncy which makes it extremely hard to score. The only possible way is to get a swish or get it off the backboard. If u rewatch the video you will notice that pretty much every single goal was a swish or a layup.

  7. Forget the Sumo Suits, the fact that they made buckets while playing on a Double rim is even more incredible

  8. It seems like Caleb is that caring goofy friend who just wants to make you laugh. Good dynamic and glad you have a good friend in California to film with.

  9. Daaaaangit! Missed my chance for Juggling balls again :/ I’ll get it in time one of these days!
    Awesome video guys, big Caleb fan here!

  10. Only thing wrong with this is that y’all weren’t barefoot while doing it 🤣 That was hilarious! Nice added touch with the food Caleb!

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