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Dennis Veasley

22 thoughts on “Basketball Star Turns In His NBA Jersey For An Army Uniform | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Wow! What an inspiration! He traded a million dollar job as an NBA player to serve in the US military! A huge applause!! 😄👏

  2. 👏🏼🙌🏼congratulations,! What a great Human Being ❤️ And Great News to Highlight this 👏🏼🙌🏼.Please pass him the message👏🏼🙌🏼Great Role modelYour Country🇺🇸 is so Lucky to have You on their team❣

  3. Money can't buy what makes a person happy all of the time. Some go through a lifetime unhappily I must say trying to figure that out.

  4. It's his choice but unfortunately, he makes a very large target for any enemy. His uniform is to help conceal him but that is a lot of human to conceal. Ballet and football are not for everyone and neither is military service.

  5. Why is he being critised for is serving his country? Just cause he is 7 foot tall?! So you can only serve if your less, than 7 foot tall insane!

  6. Dudes like this are a Supply Sergeant's nightmare. Because HE is that dude who needs Size 15EE boots and XXL-XLong uniforms and battle rattle

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