Okay let us talk about distance shooting.
By distance shooting we mean something that is beyond about fifteen feet or so. The free
throw line if fifteen feet. You start getting out into the top of the key area in this little
area here and you are starting to get into more distance. You are coming up to a three
point line and for the pros it is back even about even this much further. So you really
need to when you are distance practice shooting warm up first it is a little difficult to
come out cool out of the locker room and you are practicing and just start throwing up
from behind the three. You want to ease your way into it and start closer to the rim and
then move back. But keep in mind you want the distance shooting that your legs come
into effect and that is why we do all the conditioning drills, back squats and lifting
of the weights. So we can get our legs on the rust and square up to that basket and
use them to push off and help use push that ball. So even though we are using our arms
and our wrist the further out we get because of this and so make sure when you come up
and shoot behind that three that you are really using your legs. Also your wrist and all the
things that we have talked about before. Keeping our elbow in, our wrist cocked and really
use your legs. Let’s see if I can get one.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Basketball Shooting Tips : Long Shots in Basketball”

  1. Man you call that a long shot? Thats a 3 pointer i can make a 3 pointer from my half of the court to the other side… and i'm 11.

  2. okay if you all are so confident in your abilities, why are you watching these videos for tips? like give it up, these vids are for beginners, not for "olympic" athletes like you all imply you are

  3. Since you think tht his vid is so bad y dont u make one :() If you did i bet it wouldnt be any better and/or worse, so just shut up people.

  4. @zombie6133 So how old are you kid 12 or 13 really just because your on youtube and we dont know you, so stop lieing really kid. If your better then him then why are you waching "Basketball shoting tips: Long shots in basketball" , if your better then him. In your little youth leage the rim is (8ft 5) and the three point line is 10 feet away so get your story right ok, shoot a college three then tell me if you make it

  5. yo all you ppl thats makin fun of him cause he missed you didnt listen to the video he said the further out you get the more difficult it is and no ones gonna make everyone

  6. you guys , he was trying to help us so respect him , for those who said i'm 12 ,11, .. and better than him need to stfu , if you said you're better than him so why would look up for the tutoral

  7. no hate but honestly no one can learn to shoot from another person if youve played basketball b4… everyone shoots differently… how many guys shoot like ray allen and make as many

  8. im not saying he's a bad shooter because he was missing im saying his form is not very good in the terms of a follow through to me it was more of a quick flick with no intention behind it and if u need to use your legs alot for 3's u need to practive freethrows more to get some arms strength with the ball there should be no reason to be forced to use your legs that much to get a shot up

  9. ppls says to use lower body too… do they mean the dick too? coz i tried everything even facking my girlfriend and shooting but it doesnt work 🙁 ! lol

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