OK, the next penalty, or ball handling penalty,
that I would like to discuss is the double dribble. The double dribble is any dribble
that requires more that hand. OK? This is the basic dribble, using one hand. If you
dribble with two hands, that’s a double dribble. Also, if you’re dribbling, you pick up the
ball to either pass it or shoot it, you decide that you don’t want to do that and you take
the dribble again, the ‘Ref’ or Referee will blow the whistle. That’s also an example of
a double dribble. What happens, when you get called for a double dribble, is a turnover,
meaning, the ball goes to the other team. So, you’ll always want to refrain from getting
as many turnovers as possible. Always keep in mind your ball handling rules. OK, there’s
no double dribbling. Just to review, a double dribble is any dribble that requires more
than one hand. So this, using both hands, would be a double dribble. Also, dribbling,
picking up the ball and dribbling again, is a double dribble. OK? Those are penalties,
which in the end result, where you will lose the ball, you and your team.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Basketball Rules & Regulations : Basketball Rules: Double Dribble”

  1. It's funny because you're actually carrying the ball all the time which is violating another rule (you're putting you're hand under the ball). :/

  2. i dont get this i play basketball and i decided not to shoot and dribble it and none of my freinds called double dribble

  3. pano kapag kapag magfafake?? di ba, titigil then, hahawakan ng dalawang kamay ung bola… tapos tatakbo ulit!! edi double un??

  4. While you are dribbling and u palm a basketball and dribbling after the palm is that a double violation? 

  5. I have a question.My once my friend rebounds the ball.He bounces it back onto the floor hard with two hands and put it into the basket.Does that count as a double dribble? Please answer

  6. But what about when you do a shot fake where you trick the defender like your going to shoot but you explode past him? Is that double dribble.

  7. So if you get the ball and stand there but decide to dribble then stop again that's a double dribble?

  8. Wait if i fake shoot with two hands (guide hand and shootibg hand) and then dribble again with one hand then shoot is it a double d?

  9. So why is it when I watch pro's play they hold the ball with 2 hands but then dribble away sometimes? They don't get called for it either

  10. Thank you for the video! Last year on my school's basketball team I always got called for double dribbling and never knew what it meant. Now that I know this, I can prepare better for high school.

  11. I never understood why that was a penalty. You stop, attempt to pass with two hands, and a bunch of opponents suddenly get in the way….what are you supposed to do? Just stand there, hoping someone can get open?

  12. ахах)) десять лет смотрю баскетбол и не Знал что такое дабл дриббл. помню игра была на денди Х) спасибо пареньку – просвятил.

  13. This is not true! If you dribble with two hands it's a double dribble… And the other one is WHEN YOU PICK UP THE BALL WITH TWO HANDS THEN DRIBBLE THEN PICK UP THE BALL AGAIN WITH TWO HANDS THEN DRIBBLE that's a double dribble

  14. so if you catch a pass with two hands, can you dribble afterwards, hold the ball with two hands, shoot, and everything is legal? thanks for help 👍

  15. Wait, so when a player pump fakes to shoot it, and then dribbles, that is a double dribble right? Cause that happens all the time in the NBA without getting called

  16. If you fake a shot with 2 hands and then dribble is that a double dribble?
    Someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Why the hell do i see people in the NBA faking? Like, dribble, then they pick it up then wait for their defender to jump, they take a step back then dribble it again and then take the shot. Like Curry or LeBron. Isn't that considered double? Or like driving after picking it up again?

  18. Wtf I see nba players doing this all the time. They are thunking of passing or shoot it and they dribble it again and dont get called out on it. Someone plz explain

  19. say if I'm dribbling the ball, grab the ball with both hands, but then take two steps, (and then pass or shoot) is that a double dribble or am i allowed to take those two steps?

  20. If you a catch a pass while stationary and someone pokes the ball out but you still recover the ball without moving your pivot foot, do you get to dribble?

  21. what if you catch it with one hand and start dribbling? You didn't touch it with "both" hands, but I would assume it would still count as if you have.

  22. Besides the part where if you stop and carry the ball and then proceed again, I get that.. but why is dribbling with two hands illegal I don’t get it. What advantages do you get by doing it?
    Only reason why something should be illegal is because you get a significant advantage, like pulling a players jersey.. uh duh illegal.. but touching the ball with two hands, just doesn’t make sense.

  23. If ur holding it could u try to get them to hit the ball out of ur hands and start dribbling again or is that a violation?

  24. DOUBLE DRIBBLE ~~~~~~~>
    When someone passes the ball to you and you catched it with 2 hands. YOU CAN DRIBBLE IT but u can hold it again with 2 hands but you can only PASS it or SHOOT it. If you dribble it again. You will get a violation. Or the referee blows his whistle.

  25. you forgot one. when passing the ball in air from one hand to the other without the ball bouncing off the floor/ground first. Both hands do not necessarily have to be touching the ball simultaneously to be called for double dribble.

  26. Sorry for my english but I dont understand that because I saw a match in NBA and someone faked that he wants to shoot or to pass but he dribbeld again so it was a double dribble but he was allowed to do this fake

  27. It is considered Double Dribling
    when he makes a Dribling,
    it stops and then again another Dribling
    it is a Single Dribbling + a Step or two steps jumping, previous of the Boat, before the Boat.
    The Player Can not Bounce at the Same Time with Both Hands

  28. So do you have to catch a ball by bringing straight into a one handed dribble or is the initial catch an exception

  29. Nba is full of double dribble, travel and offensive foul. No whistle at all. All is left for show. That's so sad!

  30. Ive played basketball since i was 8, im now 34. I never understood or looked into this rule until now. Thanks man for the easy explanation!

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