Yo, what’s up everybody? Yo, so back at home I can’t come to see my mom do it for the moms months recently are we getting loads of comments like you got? Just a good brother basketball do I look skinnier? I think I do at the old UT house I was about 210 pounds and now I’ve been losing weight I’ll get into that later, but let me just tell you the back story. I’ll be Dunking this is a series. I want to start called road to dunking I know I can already dunk So it should really be called the road to doing cool dunks I’ll put the camera down the first time I ever dunked a basketball was sophomore year of high school I was literally at practice and I was like you know. I’m just gonna go up for its own Why not, and yeah, I literally just barely like tossed it in one hand dumb I’ve only been able to really do one hand dunks Which are just the most basic and all cuz I can’t really get up that high Here’s the video of me dunking from a couple months ago I think you see I was looking a bit chunky after that video like a couple months later I sprained both of my ankles one twice really really really badly And that’s when I had the whole Tyler’s on this basketball season thing and I couldn’t really dunk for like three four months After that happened my ankles were just absolutely destroyed literally every time I played basketball they were just hurt so bad and then another injury I’ve had to deal with my whole basketball career is my knee. Here’s a shot of it basically It’s called jumpers knee or our Goods ladders disease I have like a massive bump on my knee And it just hurts whenever I played basketball it always wear to knee braces on it It’s weird because I’m a 1 foot jumper, and I jump off my left foot But it’s on my right knee like what I don’t really get that the injury went away the bump went way down when I stopped Playing basketball when I first moved out, and I kind of just like did YouTube just chill down I stopped playing for a while But now I’ve been really getting back into basketball going to the gym a lot And my injury just came right back and the bump is right back where it was all right? Let’s talk about my weight so back at the old house. I was always around 200 in like 10 pounds It would fluctuate up and down, but then when I moved to this new house I’ve been eating a lot healthier, and this is my new way So I dropped four pounds in a day how is that even possible? I ordered I was in celebration because I do it last week oh Jesus I was one 93.9 when, I weighed which is actually the lowest thought bid so I was really height I Ordered some cheese fries after I saw that it was bad pretty much how I’ve been losing weight is I’ve been playing a lot of Basketball, and I’ve been eating these meal prep things that I have like deliver to the house I just heat them up in the microwave. I’ll eat like three a day They’re each like 400 calories, and I’ll eat some other stuff during the day, so I only really eat like 1,600 calories And I’ve just been losing mat weight from it right now. I want to get down to maybe 185 180 I’m not sure yet. I’m gonna see how it feels I don’t want to keep losing weight is coz the more weight I lose the higher. I jump I’m not even kidding and then height Here’s me weighing myself with my mom. My mom’s gonna measure me. I did all right doing hair without hair, okay You are like 76 inches tall you’re like six four with your hair With the hair, okay, okay? And over the part you’ve all been waiting for me talking at the gym now before this I just want to say this is episode one is kind of just showing you know where I’m at right now Because in the next episode. It will probably be in a couple of weeks from now I’m gonna start going to the gym and doing actual jumping workouts with Zack the reason I haven’t started yet is he’s been at work, and I’m just waiting for him to come back for that I’ve only done one proper jumping workout in my life. I was gonna do this whole jump manual thing with my friend Stephen We did it once spin it and I could have moved for like three days It was the worst thing ever so what just saying is the starting point where we’re starting out in the series what I can do Right now starting off with some basic one hand dumb Now I’ll throw in a two-hand dunk I Was actually getting up on the two hand dogs, I was surprised I was actually doing them pretty well, and then here are me trying to do some cooler dunks like reverses and stuff I can’t really do too much cool stuff, but again. This is the first episode. This is the start hopefully by the end I’ll be doing some sick stuff Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna keep eating healthy. I’m gonna start working out and the next one I’ll show the work out we do and my progress I feel it’ll be cool Maybe I’ll update you guys Once every few weeks on it on the progress and all that now let’s all pray that this isn’t the opening episode If it is they’ll be very bad But if you’re watching this I encourage you guys to try any healthy you know playing more basketball It’s a lot of fun playing basketball when you’re like in shape like I have so much more fun playing right now since I can jump higher run Faster all of that if you guys enjoy this and really want to see the update the progress just leave a like rating down below You’ll be much appreciated in my last video. I was telling you guys about the balls life series heart of the city I told you about the one in LA about the drilling, but this week They have one in New York check out a little clip. You know we flashy My god Is what you get the reputation of never knows what you’re exporting we had coaches that came from overseas looking for talent and this is The closest to non pro basketball that you can get I got a question for you guys is New York City the mecca of basketball Right now regardless of the talent use the pole. I’m gonna put a pull-up. You can answer it It’s pretty cool, and you guys want to check it out I’ll put a link in the description Like before they even ask you to shout it out for them and stuff like I was watching them I really enjoyed them kind of like a documentary. It’s really cool. So once again link in description Let me know if you guys can dunk in the comments Or if you want a dunk how tall you are all of that good stuff And yeah 2k a team’s about to come out get hi boys back already birthday. You already know Yes, I’m about this club today and peace Also the shirt. I was wearing he’s gonna be out the 15th. It’s probably gonna sell out to get ready get high boy

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “BASKETBALL ROAD TO DUNKING!!”

  1. Damn this is odd! I have jumpers knee aswell, i just came back from at foot injury and i jump of my left foot!

  2. Jesser please start doing this series again all the fans wanna see you become a better dunker it will be more entertaining to watch

  3. I am 15 years old and i also have osgood slathers disease. It sucks it stops me from working hard in basketball because it hurts

  4. bruh me and jesser literally have like the same build i’m a sophomore in highschool i'm 6'3 188 and do like the same dunks as him

  5. I have osgoodslaughters or however tf you spell it patella tendinitis and jumpers knee in both of my knees and it sucks,it’s consistently hurting every time I play basketball and just running
    I feel your pain man 😢

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