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  1. im 11 years old 5'6-5'7 shoot really good score around 8 points a game get alot of steals averge about 4-5. blocks really good has 2 foot hops what position should i play

  2. best position In basketball Is Center why because you can defense the paint and Get the Rebound and Block and you Win every Single Game Block shoot and Grab Rebounds and score in the Paint is the Key to win the Game

  3. what position should i play good passer good handles good at lay ups and shooting, and defence ive been tolf that i shoul play pg

  4. 15, tied tallest on my team. (2 of us are 6'0) I can finish well at the rim and I am a good passer. My ball handling is decent and so is my jump shot. Where should I play? I'm more fit and faster than the other 6'0, so I think he'll play center and I would play either small forward for power forward. What do you think?

  5. What position should I play? I'm tall and good at ball hadleing,endurance,sprinting,long distance shots ,free throws,blocking passes,defending,trick shots and passes abd blocking long distance shots. But I suck at layups, close range shots and blocking layups.

  6. I'm 5'5 and 13 my weight is 130 and I'm left handed I'm good at shooting buy bad at layups I'm fast and alright with dribbling and I'm alright handling I can throw far also what should i play tryouts are on Tuesday plz reply

  7. What other things can I do as center I'm 5'5 and I'm 12 and I'm a pretty big player so I want to know what you guys think I do. I'm not very good at lay ups but I can do jump shots pretty easily. I can run at a decent speed but my stamina gives up after 10 minutes. So I want to know what's your guys opinions of what I should do. Btw in my games their is no 3 pointers. 🙁

  8. What Position should I play? I am extremely good at layups and almost have mastered the skill of dunking, I can occasionally make three's and I am tall. (6'4?)I can Make rebounds and I can play defense GOOD.

  9. What position should I play in playing next year I'm 5'7 really good at layups get to rebounds and quick and I'm really good at defence

  10. I'm starting basketball this year I'm 5 10 and I can make layups but anything past about 6 feet I'm terrible and I saw my coach put me down as a power forward but I really wanna be center and I wanna know what would I be better at center or power forward?

  11. im only in second grade and i am researching this for my star teacher lesson cuz its my turn for star teacher xD dont say im to young cuz im 8 and i dont care if u judge me

  12. I'm 14 5'4 can shoot the three extremely well, drive to the hole, quick, have good court vision along with passing. Should I play the 1 or 2?

  13. I am 1,98 and i am only 15 years old i play as a center because i am the tallest but i have a really good 3 point shoot

  14. 5.1 8th grader very good at mid ranges and 3s and layups handles is 75 percent good what should i play

  15. – I'm 5'4
    – Good at passing
    – Not so good at dribbling (because i easily get scared during 1on1 but im good when im free)
    – Not so good at shooting midrange probably 3-5 out of 10 tries when cold but when hot 5-7 out of 10
    – Not so good with 3s
    – Good at Layups
    – Good at rebounding because of high verticals despite of height (but sometimes reckless and short so i prefer to not get the rebound and give it to the taller team mates
    – Good at Defending
    – Good at stealing the ball (but also reckless sometimes)
    – Get blocks sometimes (probably 2-3 blocks per game near the 3pt line and midrange)

    I know I suck but I want to know what position should i really go with to practice on it.

  16. I'm a fast dribbler and got handles 5'2 in 7th grade I can make some good 3s so what do y'all think I should be and I can make layups on tall people I feel like I would be a good point guard 🤷🏻‍♂

  17. Im 15 5'9 have the highest vertical in my school, fastest in my school amazing at rebounds great at blocks, good at defence, decent ball handling and an alright shot. What position would I be?

  18. I hate these robot voice videos.. I know this was 2014 but dang, wasn't Siri or any other voice available??

  19. 13 years old
    – 5'5"
    – great ball handler
    – 3pt is just airball
    – mid range is fire though
    – horrible rebound
    – great finish at rim
    – ok passerWhat position should i play?

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