Hi, this is Sean Hobson, and what we want
to talk about right now is just to give you a couple of drills that you can use to become
better passers. Not only to become better passers, but also becoming better at catching
the ball. This is called corner passing. And what this does, this puts this guy in a position
where he’s got to catch the ball, and get rid of it quickly, and turn around. In game
situations sometimes you’re going to catch, you’ve got to give a pass away, you’ve got
to set a screen, get a pass right back, and it gets good at hand-eye coordination. This
is a good, quick passing drill. So what we’re going to show you is–let’s just walk through
it. First of all, this guy’s going to pass the ball in. As soon as he passes, he’s going
to get it away. And he’s not going to take a lot of steps to get here. We just want him
to simply take the pass, step, catch, pop, step, catch, and basically he’s just pivoting
with one foot. That’s going to make it a lot easier to do than to take about four steps
to turn around. All right, let’s show you what it looks like at full speed. This is
called corner passing. Go. Good, turn quick, pop. Good. Get it back. Pop. Good. All right,
stop. Now, one thing in this drill when you’re doing it, these two guys can’t be nice guys.
They can’t wait until this guy turns around and faces them. They’ve got to try to challenge
him to get better at getting rid of the ball, turning quick, and catching the ball. He shouldn’t
ever turn and wait for it, he should turn and it should be there. So, it determines
on how hard these guys are going to work this guy as well, so it’s a good team drill as
well. This is called corner passing.

Dennis Veasley

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