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talking about basketball. You know, one of the great things about basketball is that,
not only is it good for your conditioning, and in your health and keeping you active
and fit, but it’s an inexpensive game to play. I mean, really what do you need? You need
a basketball court, which are public; you can find them anywhere driving around. And
you need a basketball; and some shoes; and some shorts and a t-shirt. That about does
it for the equipment, but here we’ve got two types of balls. One is specifically an outdoor
ball. It’s just a rubber ball; it’s got some dimples on it. So the benefit of having the
rubber ball is, obviously, they’re not going to be prone to moisture. But a lot of people
don’t like playing with rubber balls because they don’t feel as well. They’re a little
more bouncy. And then you’ve got a leather ball you can always bring outside, but the
leather balls as you can see with this one, it gets tattered and worn, and when they do
that sometimes they get a little bit slippery. So when you go to your local sporting goods
store, look for a ball that’s maybe an indoor/outdoor ball, or specifically an outdoor ball. And
the price range is going to vary from inexpensive to moderate to expensive, so you kind of get
what you pay for, so keep that in mind. If you pay a little bit more you’re probably
going to get some more livelihoods out of a particular ball. The shoes that I’ve got
on are just regular old tennis shoes. You don’t want to be out here in high-soled shoes,
work shoes, hiking boots, or anything like that. It’s just going to give you an awkward
feel, so make sure you get a good pair of tennis shoes. And that’s about all you need.

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Dennis Veasley

27 thoughts on “Basketball Lessons for Beginners : How to Choose a Basketball & Basketball Shoes”

  1. I've actually seen guys play b-ball in boots, running shoes and other types of shoes before.

    It might seem a trivial to tell someone not to wear crap dress shoes but for a kid who doesn't know it could save them a rolled ankle.

  2. my brother's shoes are Lebron 7 i have the Lebron 5 i know i know it's for boys but the shoes type looks kinda for girls……you have to choose the design

  3. its an inexpensive sport, you just have to DRIVE to find a court, so you'll need to buy a car and get a liscense lol

  4. so thats why they called it EXPERTvillage…. tennis shoe good advice??? u can get a a broken ankle with that….

  5. You don't wear tennis shoes playing basketball, first of all, they don't have sufficient protection when landing from a jump, and since most tennis shoes are low top, making sharp cuts, crossing over, and landing from a jump even can cause injuries to the ankle or achilles heel

  6. the best balls brand for me it's molten, they have a good grip, a good weight, good for shoots. i have another balls in my team, i don't know their brand, but they have a better grip, but the bounce it's a kind of worst.

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