This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village
and we want to talk about the speed dribble. The speed dribble is basically that. It’s
like your top end speed when you’re dribbling. You’re going to use that for your open court.
Let’s say you’re on defense and you’re the person that’s out at the top of the key. Your
center or forward gets rebounded. They’re going to kick it out to you. Maybe there’s
nobody in front of you, but yet there’s someone close enough to you and you think you can
beat them to the basket because you have superior foot speed or top end speed. This speed dribble
is running full force down the court top speed. Your dribble is going to be a little bit different
than your low dribble because your low dribble, your hand is on top of the ball. Your hand
is on top of the ball. With the top speed dribble, you’re really going to be almost
to a 45 degree angle pushing the ball out in front of you. Obviously, you have to keep
it in front of you when you’re running faster. What you want to also concentrate on is by
keeping the ball about waist height when you’re doing your speed dribbles. Keep the ball about
waist height and keep it out in front of you. It’s good for you to practice even line drills
using the top speed dribble because you can get quite a few practice ones in. Here’s what
it’s going to look like. We’ll give you a half court run here. Just notice how I’m pushing
the ball out in front of me and the height that I’m keeping it at. Keep your head up
so that you can see the floor. What we’ll do is we’ll start by throwing the ball out,
chasing it down, and just watch the height, the hand, the head, and score.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Basketball Dribbling Tips & Tricks : How to Dribble a Basketball at High Speeds”

  1. i find when running full speed i tend to palm the ball a bit which some people think is a carry but i do it just enough not to be a carry but just enough to keep control of the ball.

  2. ohhh so youre supposed to keep the ball in front of you, okayyy. see, i thought i was supposed to dribble it behind my back while i was running. nice tip, man

  3. @aceyman9966 well i think its pretty obvious that you need to keep the ball in front of you when you dribble while your runnin, which is pretty much all he said. and how by that statement you took that i said im such a great basketball, i'll never know.

  4. @vinnceyounG10 you idiot he said "HOW i'm pushing the ball in front of me"
    of course he knows that you run with the ball in front of you, he's explaining how to do it effectively

  5. @greatslyfer i know what he said i watched the video but that would be like me making a video showing people how to shoot a basketball and just sayin that all you had to do was throw the ball through the hoop. all he did was state the obvious 37 times, keep the ball in front of you. and if you dont know that youre supposed to keep the ball in front of you while youre running, then i think you just need to stay away from all sports in general

  6. @royalrumblewinner for fucks sakes hes just explaining a point, dont be a smart allec and just criticize everything he says as if he was a dumb coach because most coaches say that. god i feel like im talking to a goddam nerd. besides who's the teacher?

  7. this white nigga teaching basketball tricks seriosly?
    white ppl only follow the basic things in basketball and take listens to everythign the coach says. niggas customize their style and develop their own skill…

  8. it's alot less complicated bro just go for mile runs until you get used to it then work in making a basket/layup, simple as that

  9. Actually while dribbling the ball, you can take as many steps as you want. As long as you don't carry or pick up the ball, it's all good. If you can somehow manage 10-step stutter step by the time it takes you dribble the ball once without carrying, it isn't travelling.

  10. Agreed. After all, he was running. On pavement in which running shoes are designed for. Basketball Shoes are for Basketball courts

  11. To be a basketball player all you need to know is the fundamentals of basketball (layups, dribble, crossovers, etc.) You dont need to have a 30-40 inch vertical and dunk to be a basketball player. It doesnt matter what skin color you are, we are all good at somethings.

  12. OMG you guys need to STFU just take his advice stop commenting badly geeze, I go on videos like theses and look at the comment, when the video is bad I see people saying all kinds of sht I mean u guyz need to shut ur b** as* up

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