Hi this is Sean Hobson and what we are talking
about right now are the proper mechanics to being a good dribbler. We have talked about
already having a good firm foundation, shielding the ball, dribbling the ball low keeping it
in tight to you when a defender is straight on you. There is another type of dribbling
and that is when the ball has been cleared and it is passed up the court and now you
are dribbling down trying to score the ball. That’s a little bit different strategy as
far as dribbling goes because in that case you don’t want the ball real close to you
because if you are dribbling the ball in close to you you’re not going to be able to accelerate
to the other end. So in the case of when you get a break out you want to keep the ball
out in front of you. Why? The main reason is it is easier to run into the ball than
it is to keep the ball at your side. The second reason is, go ahead and let’s just walk through
it. If he is going and I’m coming up from behind him, if he’s got that ball in real
close to him, it is going to be hard for me to get to it but if he has got it out in front
of him it is really hard for me to catch up from behind. Alright stop right there. Now
these kids are going to show it at full speed. When you really get running fast, keeping
that ball, pushing that ball out in front of you on the accelerated dribble. Alright
guys here we go, go. Good. You see how they stayed low, they pushed that ball out in front
of them and they ran into the ball as opposed to having that ball right there at their hip.
That’s going to be a little bitter when you are accelerating down to make a lay up.

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “Basketball Dribbling : Basketball Dribbling on the Run”

  1. something iv been wanting to know that causes me trouble. is it normal that the dribbles and the steps are in some way synchronized ?

  2. I keep on runing with the ball too close to me and today we're going 5 against 5 in the class.If i cant dribble right I'm gonna embarrass myself bigtime😩

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