[Music] um you don’t play timid I know but I got to do everything active that I possibly can hello greeting ain’t nobody ever gonna say Jackie Christie wasn’t trying to get it right in sight we do not know how to play tennis but I love to sport I’ve always watched Serena and I’m trying to get active so this is one of the ways she drugged me here going you got any champagne you got water champagne okay water Tampa okay I could do that I mean I’m competitive but Shanny she out here doing the most good job can we take a second okay listen how’s my grandbaby so no idea doing I have to send you two video work we went in sand I as room we were doing like the tour and she was like get out of my room Oh like now that Douglas is going to college I was thinking maybe so now you could have duckies I found that I could keep sanaya if I put her in Dougie’s open when he leaves think she thinks I’m just a lunatic I feel like if I could have him at home and do college that would be the best but I understand he’s 18 and he has to get out there and I’m just like wondering when you moved what was it what did you think about you know just establishing myself as like an adult it was just no brainer then I got a job by chanting what if he hang around his friends and they’re like Douglas you ain’t cool if you don’t go with us to the party I think he walks to the beat of his own drum he can not eat you but you know he has this moments where he could be impressionable but what kid isn’t that’s my son and I’m gonna worry about him no matter how old he is you’re 15 oh you know what I mean that’s a big age and I know that I’ve kept you away from girls for a long time and I don’t know if that’s something that you’re starting to think about his girls I understand he’s 18 and he has to get out there of course you know how I feel about it

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Dennis Veasley

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