Hello Friends, I welcome you all. Today’s video is about barefoot versus shoes. It’s a comparison between running on barefoot versus running on shoes and to show which is best. Before seeing which is best, will know about how shoe culture started. Around 40,000 years ago, our people started using shoes. As our culture changed the shoe’s culture also changed. Since it’s a big history, I’ve shared about this at the end of the video. Don’t miss it. So now will see what happened in the last 100 years. In the 1920’s popular brands like Reebok and Adidas started designing shoes. The athletes used these shoes in the Olympics at that time. Later in the 1970’s, Nike started designing shoes. and that time sports had a boost. So different brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Brooks, etc., started designing customized shoes. So what are customized shoes? Shoes specifically designed for every sport. Like spikes for athletics, cleats for football, Like this, they designed shoes for sports activities. On one side, shoe’s popularity was growing but on the other side, people started thinking, for many years, we walked on barefoot. So people started researching about the problems of using shoes. This research was conducted in many countries and many universities. When they compared barefoot running and shod running, they stressed only thing when we use shoes, we land on heels. This is called a heel strike. When we land on heels, our hips and knees gets a lot of pressure, so we have a high possibility of injuring our knees and hips. But when we walk or run on barefoot, we land on toes or centre part of the foot. This is called a footstrike. Because of the foot strike, we don’t get any pressure on the body. When we compare the impact between the two 3 times difference. The level of injury on barefoot running is 3 times lower than shod running. When barefoot running became popular, Christopher in 2009 wrote a book Born to Run. In this book, he talked about the usefulness of barefoot running and the problems that are caused due to shod running. After this book, minimalist shoes or barefoot shoes became popular. When we use barefoot shoes, we could get all the benefits that we get from barefoot running. So now you have understood the benefits of barefoot running. But, still we have some problems. First problem, nowadays, we can’t walk on the roads. There are a lot of stones, shattered glasses, sticks on roads. So walking on roads is not advisable. Second problem, when we walk outside, we get blisters and calluses. The third problem, we think about what our neighbours think, what our friends think, etc., So we don’t run on barefoot. The fourth problem, as I said before we land on the toe. So our heel bone and calf muscles are activated. For a week, you may have pain. After a week, these muscles will get strengthened and you won’t have pain. You need not trust me but try for a week. Start indoors walking 10-15 minutes for 3-4 days. You’ll get practised to it. Then start going out of walking and if you have ideas to start jogging, Start with 10 minutes walking, then jog for a minute. If you continue doing like this your muscles will get strengthened. Most importantly, if you walk or run outdoors, please check your leg to see if there are any injuries. Kind request, if you have any problems in your leg, consult a doctor, and start trying barefoot walking. So in today’s video, I have shared barefoot running is best or shod running. So if you like this video, give a thumbs up, share and subscribe. Thank you, friends. Have a good day.

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  1. Bro nenga sonatha ke2….2 days without slipper walking ponen …heal pain ah iruku …hope it gets well …🦶💪

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