Wha’ts up everybody! We are Pongfinity Today we are finding out if it’s possible To play table tennis with different fruits Let’s start off with the lime! By the way, last month only 15 % of our watchers were subscribers So please help our channel and hit subscribe! There is my best lime serve! Match to 3 points. Red apple versus green apple! That was… decent! Deciding point! Good match! I should have chosen the red apple. I didn’t see that coming! This is what you do when you get hungry During practice. It’s a good banana! For each around the net shot that Otto makes I will feed him a grape. Let’s see how much he loves them. A lot! Nice shotto! Thank you! Also worth a grape! Not bad! These are really good grapes! Otto is pretty hungry today I will run out of grapes soon… So now I have made a racket out of the pineapple. Let’s try! My technique is perfect for this! Pretty good! What a mess! One bite between every shot. Let’s go! How did it go Miikka? I didn’t have time to swallow the apple! Ok, turns out you can play table tennis with fruits! Remember to subscribe to our channel here And watch our previous episodes there! Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

10 thoughts on “Banana Table Tennis”

  1. If you guys did that in Germany, the comments section would be full of people blaming you for the lack of food in Africa.

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