Our feet are probably the hardest-working part of us as a dancer. They have to, not only support us, but they also have to be articulate and they have to be expressive. Some people think it’s all about line, really, really mobile feet look really great but often they’re really difficult to maintain. Ballet dancers will like to have that beautiful curve of the arch and the in-step and if you don’t have that it can, kind of, be a mental game of finding angles and lines that look like you have that even though you don’t. It’s like yin and yang. You have an incredibly arched foot which is aesthetically pleasing for ballet, you really need to make sure you have strength and the control. Jumping, for me, is the most taxing. That constant loading through the foot. Although they’re quite strong, they do require a lot of work. I like to start off with the intrinsic muscles, they’re basically key for landing and takeoff. And whenever you’re pointing your foot, you’re using your intrinsics. If you haven’t identified the key weaknesses throughout your foot, it’s quite detrimental to your whole body, really. When you’re working on strengthening these muscles, it can feel like you’re doing very little. But the concentration that is going into isolating one muscle, and tell all the others to relax, it’s like a tongue twister for your body. I’d say I’d spend, at least, an hour or two a week just focusing on feet. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but imagine just an hour of staring and looking at your feet. Yeah, it takes time.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Ballet Anatomy: Feet”

  1. when you do ballet it is not that you need to be standing exacty on youre toes cuse the ballet shoe th underneath is strong and the point is strong and flat so that explaines alot

  2. Cristiano ronaldo's secret for step overs is here, ask me and I will tell you, but his secret is in this video, good luck!


  3. It looks like the dancer in the vid has morten's toe (where your 2nd toe is longer than your big toe). Does anybody have any tips for point work for ppl with this type of foot?

  4. When I was 4,5 years old I was in ballet, but due to multiple reason my mom had to take me. While I was there I always found it so boring. Now that I'm 13 I'm interested in doing ballet again it just seems so interesting now

    I'm not sure why I wrote this whole paragraph just some info I guess fkfbrifn

  5. I loved it. Very beautifully said and demonstrated. Thank u guys. I love dance. I love ballet and I love music. Watching or listening to either without the other is like eating hot soup with no spoon.

  6. Ballet dancers are the ultimate athletes. They do the extraordinary and make it look effortless. Thank you all for your dedication and sharing your skills with us.

  7. With all sincerity does the Morton toe hurt your foot and does it negatively affect your ability to pointe? Thank you.

  8. I love ballet,it's my Life, it's something i can not take away, It's a very strong Sport but It's worth It💕💕

  9. Sincere question: Why is toe dancing so mandatory for women? Seems like that is all they do in performances yet there was no toe dancing until the mid 19th Century. When I’ve seen women dance the classical moves in regular ballet shoes, it seems so much more expressive and interesting, especially since you never see it on stage; on stage there is just a whole lot of tiptoeing, which actually limits what a person can do.

  10. “Yeah, it takes time”.
    The greatest lesson I’ve learned as an adult ballet beginner starting pointe shoes at 27 (now I’m 31). Learning how to dance on pointe shoes, yeah, it takes so much time. I don’t have “ballerina feet” : they’re quite flat, with a very strong ankle, which is great for jumps for example but really really difficult for being on pointe because I don’t have any flexibility. My leg muscles are the same, it is very hard for me to have long leg with lines, it takes me like 3 years to bend my knee correctly, and the work is not finished 😅 So I work and work and work and am very jealous about people who have “ballerina feet”, being on pointe without doing anything but just standing on 😅 But even if it takes time I love that, I see my own progression in every class and am very proud of that.
    So if you want to do pointe shoes even with feet which are not made for this like mine, do if you want ! Even with all this work, the feeling is… wonderful. ☺️

  11. I found out that I have an interest in the shoes and feet of ballerinas. I personally would like to say I appreciate your beautiful art form.

  12. Today I went to take a basic ballet class I didn’t have the leotard or the leggings for practice so I just wore lululemon pants and a shirt. I got there and they all were wearing there Leo’s and tights and I felt so intimidated (Idek why) so I just left. I think it’s bc they were all so much older then me. But I’m going to another class tomorrow but one with people of my age 😂.

  13. For me losing your pointe shoes while you have a performance in the next hour is more painful than wearing a pointe shoe, but sometimes i feel the same when i take off my pointe shoe and i see my foot i will feel the pain. Thumbs when you don't fell the pain while dancing on pointe shoes and then when your done dancing and take of your shoe you will feel the pain.#thatsme

  14. I mean, don't get me wrong but I never.. EVER enjoy seeing ballet. Yes, it is beautiful and elegant but everytime I watch it.. I can just feel the pain slightly enough for me to see their suffering (at least a number of them, some of them actually enjoy ballet so good for them)

  15. Please forgive me if I'm wrong, but why do people do this horrifically painful dance?
    I mean there are lots of other types of dances but still, this is the most important among all?

  16. For pointe work, I was blessed with Flintstone feet, rather square. My first three toes are exactly the same length and the fourth, not that much shorter. I’m so grateful I didn’t get my mother’s feet, lol!

  17. Schäfli Creme von Schutzengelein ist für Tänzer unentbehrlich für die Füße. Ich hab Freunde. Die sind Tänzer. Die schwören da drauf und ich hab die auch.

  18. i learned ballet, my foot's mentel nerve just tore yesterday. i had to perform a surgery. my ballet teacher told me im wrong, then i came up on youtube and find this! ballet is hard!!!

  19. Not sure why all the fuss about arched feet being better……."She had a challenging early experience since her body did not fit the era’s ideal for classical ballet. She had thin ankles, arched feet, and long limbs, unlike the small compact body preferred in those days"……this was said about ballerina Anna Pavlovna.

  20. Thank you for all you Dancers who have kindly and graciously answered the questions that us non-dancers have asked. Your work is appreciated.

  21. Um, this told me nothing about feet anatomy in regards to ballet or how to do any of the things they were doing in the video. My feet hurt I need some strengthening and stretching things to do.

  22. Just imagine when we do point dance that little ribbon around our ankle is keeping the whole shoe together and tight…image if that came undone…hummm

  23. Pensé que iban a pasar la anatomía propiamente dicho de cómo el pie se va transformando en unos pies fuertes de bailarines de ballet.

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