IF YOU’VE EVER WATCHED PROFESSIONAL TENNIS IN PERSON … YOUR VIEW OF THE ACTION HAS MOST LIKELY BEEN HERE OR HERE BUT FOR A SELECT HANDFUL OF YOUNGSTERS THIS IS THEIR VIEW. “I can’t really explain it, it’s really special.” TENNIS PROVIDES ONE OF THE MOST UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCES OF ANY SPORT AND BEING A BALL KID MEANS YOU’RE JUST INCHES AWAY FROM THE ACTION. It’s a great opportunity. It’s really exciting all these guys you see them on TV. They compete around the world. And to be on the court with them is a great experience. BUT WITH FUN, COMES HARD WORK AND RESPONSIBILITY HOLDING UMBRELLAS TO PROVIDE SHADE STANDING STILL USING PROPER ETIQUT AND OF COURSE CHASING DOWN THE BALLS It’s a lot of pressure on them. We train them the best that they can but it’s no training until they’re out there for the first time with the crowd, the players, the media, the lines judges and everyone else. BALL KIDS AT THE HALL OF FAME OPEN RANGE FROM 12 TO 19 YEARS OLD … MANY ARE BUDDING TENNIS STARS OR ASPIRING PLAYERS SOAKING UP THE NUANCES OF THE GAME FROM THE WORLDS BEST “I’ve learned so much about tennis. I’ve learned about how to carry myself on the court from how these guys do it.” “Being a ball kid you make so many friends because we’re all really close from being together so much. It’s really nice to see them all every year and be back in a place with so much tennis.” IN NEWPORT MOREY

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Dennis Veasley

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