Softball Catcher Drills: Ball in Hand Drill [Intro Music]>>AJ Hamilton: Just like barrel awareness
is important for hitting, pocket awareness is important for catching. Having good feel and understanding for where
the pocket of your catcher’s mitt is allows you as a catcher to receive more efficiently.>>Hamilton: To help us feel where the pocket
is, we like to use a drill called the ball in hand drill. The main purpose of this drill is to isolate
the thumb, index and middle finger of the glove hand. To do this, take a smaller ball like a golf
ball or ping pong ball and pinch it between your ring finger, pinky finger and palm.>>Hamilton: A coach or teammate will toss
the tennis balls to the catcher. The catcher should then focus on catching
the tennis ball with only the remaining three fingers. Being able to isolate the thumb, index finger
and middle finger simulates where the pocket of the glove will be and allows catchers to
develop a better feel for receiving properly. [Outro Music]

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Dennis Veasley

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