Hi I’m Alois Rosario and I’m Jeff Plumb from
PingSkills.com and today we’re going to talk about the backhand topspin against block. Let’s examine the basic things we need to
think about when we are focusing on the backhand topspin. Firstly we need to get our feet nice
and wide apart and fairly square to where you want the ball to go. The second thing is to start with your bat
down between hip high and knee high. Thirdly we come forward, we brush the ball on contact
and finish with your bat turned all the way over. As you go further away from the table and
you have a little bit more time you can start to turn more side on and get your start position
more out towards your left knee or beyond, but if your close to the table you just haven’t
got time to be turning too much, so close to the table shorter stroke, further away
from the table a bigger stroke. If you have benefited from the backhand topspin
against block lesson then go to PingSkills.com where you will find lots more lessons on
the strokes of Table Tennis.

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Dennis Veasley

43 thoughts on “Backhand Topspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills”

  1. in comparisson to the old bh loop lesson and your new forehand topspin this is very small with fewer shots of the stroke…. how come guys?

  2. Just experimenting with different formats and trying to get the main points across as quickly as possible. And hopefully the use of the super slow mo helps this.

    Do you prefer slightly longer videos with more time spent actually playing the stroke?

  3. yes that what i meant…couldnt get a good view of jeff playing the stroke enough. the main points however, were well put across. thanks.

  4. Yes Alois, I think 3 minute videos will help me much better than just a minute and a half videos. 1- Your explanation takes about a minute. (And wonderful explanation it is!) only about half minute is left for playing. 2- Keeping your information in my mind I prefer to watch both your and Jeff's movements. The ball does not come to the same place all the time. It is nice to see Jeff's footwork and explain it to the students while watching.

  5. Since we use the shakehand grip ourselves, we are much more comfortable teaching using that grip. Because of this we do film pretty much exclusively using the shakehand grip. A lot of the principles apply to both grips so hopefully you can still learn a lot from our videos. If you do feel more comfortable with the penhold grip then I would probably stick with it. The penhold is a very popular and effective grip.

  6. You need a decent bat that allows you to generate spin. We recommend some rackets on our website but there are lots of good choices. You can also search under the equipment section of our ask the coach section on our website for the same question. There you'll find a lot of suggestions.

  7. look for friendship rubbers they are like 5 bugs and there are blades for 10 so total 20 bugs for the cheapest euqiment i can think of

  8. is this a good combination
    this is my current setup
    Blade:Stiga tube Master Aluminium
    Rubber: Stiga Innova Acs Premium

  9. I haven't used any of those but Stiga is a very good table tennis brand. Just remember though that the rubbers will wear out with use and over time, so you will need to replace them at regular intervals. This really depends on how much you play. Around 80 playing hours is a good guide as to how long to use them before replacing them.

  10. Yes, take a look at our website. We recommend 3 options there depending on your level. For starters we recommend the PingSkills Rook. As you progress we recommend the PingSkills touch with Mark V, Pryde or Vega Pro.

  11. could you please write what you speak in the video, people from other countries would thank that

  12. Take a look on our website, we have a video on this. The more backspin on the ball the more vertical your stroke needs to be. You still need a brushing contact.

  13. What is the biggest difference I have to be aware/cautious between table tennis topspin stroke and tennis topspin stroke?

  14. Hi Thanks for the great video . Just need to ask one thing that does the start position and end position varies with the height of the player , because for me I am like 6 feet 2 inches with that start position and end position my ball goes outside the table .

  15. Jeff which side of the ball are you hitting on? I have some issues in trying to put the ball crosscourt when doing BH topspin, don't know if it is my stroke or my footwork

  16. Hello…
    I want to ask how do players initiate backhand rallies…
    I mean I watch pro players tend to have backhand rallies , don't they fear that the opponent may return the ball straight down the line?
    is it a matter of increasing speed, spin or better placement of the ball to corner your opponent to do backhand rallies?
    sorry if my question seems amateurish ….
    thanks in advance..

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