Let’s now take a look at the backhand serve. Firstly let’s take a look at your feet position
for the backhand serve. You can be quite square on but we recommend that you turn yourself
a little side on so that you can then swing through with your waist, your shoulders, and
utilise your arm and wrist as well. The swing for the backhand serve starts with
your bat at your left shoulder. You come through in a semi-circular motion and finish with
your right elbow pointing up towards the roof and your bat comes up almost to shoulder height
again. So Jeff here is demonstrating the start position
and the finish position. Start. Finish. To generate more spin we need to utilise our
wrist with the backhand serve. So your wrist is really coming through in that motion.

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Dennis Veasley

29 thoughts on “Backhand Serve Preview | Table Tennis | PingSkills”

  1. hy, iam k .its been long time i come to this channel … i have to watch all video now…i like this one ….thanks…

  2. Hey, love your vids, your channel is excellent. In this stroke, does the bat brush more underneath, or the back of ball?

  3. hey alois,can you make the video about backhand sidespin serve? I always use that serve,but i want to improve it so i need some tutorial

  4. Ping skills I have almost watched all your videos but I can't to serves nicely to is to hard plz help me

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you could make a video (or just tell me about it here) about playing against someone who spins the ball a lot.
    How do I win?

  6. this is a serve that i use in doubles and i m going into league games for my school. Do you have any advanced tips to help me with?

  7. I'm noticing that most of your serves bounce twice on the opponents side. I've watched your video about serving short and that has really helped, but I still can't seem to get it to bounce twice on the other side, no matter how soft or spinny I serve it. Any tips?

  8. I play mostly all the time backspin and my serves have always backspin. Do you have a tip for an anti-topspin serve with backhand-backspin?

  9. Ive heard that u must swing the bat from under ur arm and follow through. U didnt really cover this point in the video… is this essential or is it just useless??

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