Backhand Follow Through (short court) Backhand follow through, the purpose is to teach students to finish a backhand stroke with proper follow through. Stand on the baseline short court, baseline please. We start from a ready position and what you would do is you would rotate your grip just like we’ve learned before, contact in front of your foot and then follow through about the shoulder facing your elbows high okay. Make sure that you shift your weight from behind to forward exactly, and you turn from a position of shoulder to the net to square position, squared position to the net. Let’s try this. Ready position. Number two contact. Follow through. Squared position to the net. Excellent. One of the players let’s go to the other side. I would like you to hand toss the ball. Stand on the center mark. You will toss the ball now to number one on his left side because we want a backhand shot. Let’s try this. Underhand toss. Wonderful. Try not to kill him okay. Here grab more. Make sure that you rotate your grip. Go ahead rotate your grip. Excellent. Finish high, low to high. Thank you very much.

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Dennis Veasley

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