Alois: Hi, I am Alois Rosario. Jeff:And I am Jeff Plumb and
we are from PingSkills. And now, we are going to
teach you the backhand counterhit. Alois: So, let’s have a look at Jeff
playing the backhand counterhit. There is three things that we need to
consider with the backhand counterhit:… The first one is the feet position. You will notice that Jeffs’ feet are facing
towards where he wants the ball to go. So, he is really square on and
his body faces forward. The second thing is the start position of his bat. So, the bat is in front of his body
facing towards where he wants the ball to go. Then he comes through, hits the ball
and his finish position… is up and forward at shoulder height. And, you will notice now that
the forehand side of his bat… faces towards the roof at the end of the shot. So, now that Jeff is showing you the technique… you can see that Jeff will be able
to use the same technique… to hit the ball slowly or fast. All he does is he just moves his
bat through the stroke faster,… if he wants the ball to go faster. And slower, if he wants the ball to go slower. So, that is why it is really important
to get a good technique with your strokes. So, the main things to consider when
learning the backhand counterhit:… Firstly, starting with your feet. If I want to the ball to go in that direction,
that is where I am facing with my feet. If I want the ball to go across court,
then that is where I need to face with my feet. The second part of the stroke that
you need to consider is your start position. Make sure that your bat is nice and flat,
facing towards where you want the ball to go. So, it needs to be in front of
your belly and nice and flat. And, the final part of the stroke is
you need to hit the ball and follow through. And, turn your bat over, so that now the
forehand side of your bat is facing to the roof. You need to finish up at around shoulder height. So, some things that I see
as common errors with the backhand:… Firstly, a lot of players
tend to change their grip. So, they turn their bat
around in their hand like that. It is easier for backhand but it is
going to be really difficult later for forehand. That is why it is important
to keep a nice central grip,… so that you will be able to play both
backhand and forehand with the same grip. The second thing with
the backhand that I often see… is that players tend to
push their right foot forward… and play their backhands like this. That is okay, again, if you are only
playing backhands that works fine. But when you are playing a game of table tennis,
you have not got enough time to be doing… backhands with your feet side-on this way and… then turning all the way around to play your forehand. So, that is why you want
to be nice a nd square on,… facing towards where you want the ball to go. And, the third thing that I see with backhands… is that often players finish over
on the left hand side of their body,… instead of finishing over on the right hand side. So, an easy way to fix that problem
is to just make sure that… you are waiting for the ball a little bit longer,
wait for it and hit the ball closer to your body. And then, you stroke will
tend to come out the right way.

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88 thoughts on “Backhand Counterhit | Table Tennis | PingSkills”

  1. With penhold the backhand is different. Search for PingSkills penhold techniques and you'll see a video on how to hit the backhand using the penhold grip.

  2. @liebefussball there's two way of backhand. you can use your forehand side or backhand side. watch pingskills' video for forehand side one. for penhold, backhand using backhand side rubber is called reverse penhold backhand. rpb counterhit is basically the same stroke except that the head of the bat will be lower than your hand at the start position, and that you have to lift your elbow a little bit. try searching something like 'wang hao backhand','reverse penhold backhand'.

  3. I think you guys are really great, because when you do these hits, you guys give each other correct spacing and timing. When I do this with my coach, it never feels the same.

  4. Is it possible to stay still with the backhand counterhit instead of having to shift every hit or so? I can never stay still I always shift even a small cm to get in position.

  5. I think it is a matter of practicing more to get used to the stroke. If you are constantly hitting the ball off the end of the table, then you can change the angle of your bat slightly to face down more.

    You can also ask a question on our website and we have more room there to answer the question.

  6. Then try blocking it. However the best advice is to keep the ball low so it makes it hard for them to smash it in the first place.

  7. Why my coach is telling me to not end the forehand facing the roof at end of shot !!!!!!! plz answer

  8. thanks for translating the videos, i'm spanish and i couldnt understand very well others videos. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the video! The ball comes to my backhand but I don't have the time to make my body to face in the direction I want it to go.. How do I make good placement in that case ?

  10.  Alois and Jeff, you guys have improved my game exponentially better in the last few days. And I was already considered one of the best players (but far from the best) at Hacker Dojo in Silicon Valley. I'm loving playing with the correct technique and this has dramatically improved my consistency – I used to be known for making a lot of unforced errors and my inability to return a ball 3 times in a row, but now I can match most people in forehand, backhand, chops without making unforced errors.

    And my defensive game is getting better each day (it didn't even exist about a week ago)! Thank you, PingSkills!

  11. whenever i am practising the ball ends up hitting the net….what am i doing wrong?….is the bat required to be kept perpendicular to the table ??…thanks in advance 

  12. this is a very good tutorial for beginners like me. i started to love table tennis because it was my p.e. subject and i watch your tutorial videos. those were a lot helpful. thanks to all of you :)) god bless. 

  13. This video completely ignores the very important fact of body posture, bending over the ball and stuff like that, do you have any advanced videos where you go into detail over body postures, when to take the ball, because that's my main issue. I've learned the strokes quite well, and am a decent player, but coach says I always take the ball too early, and i can feel my self leaning my bodyweight on my heels instead of toes.. also if you could touch on the subject of leg work coordination with the strokes, that would really benefit myself(and I'm sure a lot of other players would also appreciate it)

  14. Thanks. I will be playing at a tournament in a couple of months. After watching clips of the finals, I think I have a good shot at winning the whole thing all thanks to your tutorials. I'll let you know how I do!

  15. Hello Alois, thank you for these great and informative videos.
    I have a question regarding one of the beginner mistakes you named.
    I'm trying to teach my girlfriend how to play correctly and your videos are a great help. She does however tend to push her right foot forward when she hits a backhand. Is there a good exercise that would help to correct this mistake? I try to make her be aware of her stance and she realises, what she's making wrong, but the stance remains the same.


  16. Hi. Thank you in advance for the incredible quantity and quality of material you uploaded on youtube!
    I'd like to ask a question about the difference of the role of the wrist between forehand and backhand.
    It seems to me that on the backhand the wrist is way more flexible than on the forehand, am I right? Or is it flexible also in the forehand? Thank you for you time!

  17. hi at 2:12 you mention that the bat should be flat facing where you want to the ball to go. is this technique the same for the forehand counter hit? (I've watched the FH counter video, but I don't think it was mentioned?

  18. i have noticed that almost all world class players change their grip during the rally (forehand/backhand) so there must be more pros than cons about it or idk the reason then xD

  19. Thanks you from the depths, I have benefited greatly from these educational videos, the magnificence of photography and the purity of sound increase the strength of lessons.

  20. I am following your instructions but I don't know why my ball goes off the table and I can't control my speed. Do you have some tips for it ?

  21. What's this used for? Just simply hitting the ball back? What advantage do you have over your opponent by preforming this hit?

  22. Hi coach..can you show medium/short pimple technique? How to hit,flick,attack,blocking with medium/short pips on backhand.

  23. My friend and I play TT. He always serves me a combination of top spin+side spin, so the ball would spin at an angle of about 30-40 degree. I'd try to return his serve with a backhand counter hit. 80% of the time the ball would swerve off the right or left side of the table without hitting it. I am getting frustrated and now I don't know what to do. 🙁

  24. hiiiii!! i m a new subscriber … from india … i m selected under 14 . because of ur channel .. i want heart from u 😗

  25. Hello sir,
    Should we keep our legs stamp when forehand counterhit…or should i just footwork when striving for topspin ?

  26. Hey guys! New player here. I'm a new LEO and the main sport for our breaks is table tennis. After looking at your videos, can't wait to test these tricks!! Thanks a lot

  27. How do we position ourselves so that the ball comes at the belly position? I mean it may come at higher position right?

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