Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. In this
lesson we’re going to show you the backhand chop. The backend chop is a
stroke used by defensive players when they’re further away from the table. Because
you have a bit more time you could turn more side onto the table. Your start
position with your bat is up around your left ear and your finish
position is down near your right knee. So we turn ourselves side on if you’ve got
time start with your bat at your left ear and
come straight through down towards your right knee. At the end of your stroke you
could even just put your hand on your right knee to know that the bat is
finishing in the correct position. Because Jeff’s turned side on you can
see that he’s still hitting the ball from in front of his body when he’s
contacting the ball so the ball is contacted right in front of his body
and then he’s swinging through. Let’s have a look now at the different
angle of your stroke. If the ball is coming really fast at you your stroke
can be more vertical because you don’t need much forward momentum to get the
ball back over the net but if the stroke is slower then you can start a little
bit further behind and finish further forward so now you can see that Jeff is
finishing in front of his knee to get that ball to go forward because he now
needs to generate the speed. The next thing we need to think about is what
type of rubber you’re using. Long pimples can really help you to be able to absorb the
spin of the topspin player and also slow down the ball. Let’s have a look now if
Jeff topspins the ball and I’m using inverted rubber what happens. If I just
put my bat to the ball the ball flies off the end of the table. Now I’m going
to use the long pimple rubber and let’s see what happens. You can see that the long pimple absorbs
the speed and allows me to control that topspin back onto the table without
having to do anything so for the chopper when they’re back away from the table if
there’s a lot of spin or a lot of speed on the ball and they’re using the
inverted rubber the ball is going to tend to fly off the end of the table but
if they’re using the long pimple rubber it’s much easier to control that topspin
back onto the table. The stroke is basically the same with the long pimples
but now Jeff doesn’t have to worry about the speed and spin so much and can just
control the ball back onto the table.

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77 thoughts on “Backhand Chop | PingSkills | Table Tennis”

  1. Hey ur vids have been of great help. But i have a problem, sometimes, when receiving a short service, Im not really sure of what the spin is. What would be the best receiving technique for most of the short services?

  2. Hello guys! Love the channel ! I have a question, If i play chopping the ball with the long pimple rubber, does it make it difficult for Alois to pass the ball again and again? I mean… if i chop the ball all the time with the long pimple rubber, an average player would have problems if they dont control their spin?
    Thanks and congratulations for your videos!

  3. Love your videos! Have made my game stronger and have recommended your videos to my friends. However, I'm a pen holder I wish you'd do a few more videos on penhold techniques.
    Might be interesting for shakehand players as well since they could play against pen holders.

  4. hello! I've already seen this video from your channel about 3y ago. Nevertheless thanks for lessons. Please film the chop on the table or how it called. thanks a lot beforehand!

  5. hi, please how can I practise at home if I don't have a table (for table tennis). I like all your videos and until two days I learn a lot. thanks 😉

  6. Your videos are really helpful PingSkills! Keep up the good work! I'm 14 and I'm pretty much a beginner! Could you give me advice/link to a video on how to do sidespin serve?
    Thanks again PingSkills! I shall subscribe

  7. Wow thanks for this amazing tip, I like to defend so it is really useful for me! Btw keep up the good work, you're doing a fantastic job! 🙂

  8. Love ur videos ping skills and has helped me tooo can you make a video on how to the dimitri ovtcharov serve and how to play defensive game plzzzzz

  9. Hey Alois, I was wondering what premade bat i should get. I was thinking of getting a Xiom Muv 9.0s Carbon But im still not sure (This is my first bat) Or should i get Pingskills Mark 5, or the Pingskills rook


  10. I have had a burning question in my mind. If I was to hit the ball, and it was to bounce on the other players court twice what happens? Am I penalised or what? Please answer this.

  11. Hi. I am 15 years old and I play table tennis. Your videos help me a lot! I have a little question, could you recommend me a good table tennis bat? Thanks for answering!

  12. Is the Dunlop flux force a good racket coz I just watched you how to pick a racket video from 2 years ago and my auntie bought it for me and I was wondering what you though 🙂

  13. Will you make a video about Simon Gauzy backhand receive for service when he doesn't push the ball or banana flick it but he flicks to the right side (opposite spin of the banana flick) and rather than doing heavy reverse spin which is the case of banana flick he just angles his bat to the ball and reflects it. Xu Xin also does it but with his forehand side not backhand because of the penhold grip it would be impossible to do this with his reverse backhand side.

  14. what if i dont toss the ball but do a perfect service where the ball taps both the sides of the table and its Low and as well spin and fast as well, thats the way i do my service and the best players around cannot play it so i get a point easily

  15. if anyone gives a chop ball that high, just smash it. the example is good for explanation but at high level play, defensive play gets really agressive smash/topspin balls back…

  16. Hi brother +PingSkills I have a question, if you play a match, witch serve do you prefer to do. Sorry for bad english im Swedish:)

  17. is backhandchop better than forehand?with backhand i make bigger spin,but sometimes far from net i cant make enough power.

  18. As an aspiring chopper, I idealize the great Koji Matsushita. During one of his matches, the commentator said that Matsushita "brushed the back of the ball", so the ball had very little spin and the opponent mistakenly lifted it, eventually getting smashed.

    Can you please explain what is brushing 'the back of the ball' and how it's done, and how to mix it with actual underspin to confuse the opponent?

  19. When I'm practicing backhand chop, my movement is always more forward when it should be more down. Any tips for that?

  20. Thanks for your videos which are very useful & informative. Please keep up the great work you guys are doing to promote the sport.

  21. What
    I miss in your other good lessons is that you do not tell us where the
    ball's point of contact is with the different strokes. As a novice table tennis player I have experienced that this is important when learning the strokes. For example in the lessons about backhand and forehand chops I miss that indication.

    Ivan De Pauw

  22. Hello sir , I understand the back hand chop stroke but I can't understand how to hold the bat what will be the angle or position of the bat to hold .

  23. hello alois or Jeff plumb is this useful when you are out of position or in trouble far away from the table since I’m an attacking player I really love chops I just don’t know what time to use it in a match situation

  24. I can do the forehand chop well, but it seems I can’t do the backhand chop at all. The ball seems doesn’t fly to the enemy’s table, the ball just went down to my own net. Is there any problem what am I dealing off ? or is it just my grip ?

  25. I wish you could teach me everyday. I’m also gonna watch your vids every day from now cuz I have a table tennis tourney in two weeks and I wanna learn new techniques

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