(energetic rock music) – Hey, I’m Dorian, joined by my wife and celebrity men’s wear stylist and student stylist as
of today, Ashley Weston. – Hi there. – So guys you’re heading back to school. It’s fall. We’re rounding in to that fun time of year so we wanted to make sure that you avoid really common back to
school style mistakes because they can be pretty bad. – Yeah (energetic rock music) – So first up are socks and slides. Don’t do it ever. – Look guys. I know it’s kind of a
thing right now, strangely. – Weird enough – Yeah, so strange. I don’t know why. It looks really sloppy and it’s not cute. It’s not attractive. No women’s gonna be like
oh that guy looks real cute – Check out those – in his white socks and slides. – Check out those formally
white socks he’s wearing. Awesome. – Look, an even better
and cuter and cooler way to achieve the same comfort level but, also the same cool factor
– And ease of use I guess. as well is to just instead
go with Vans slip on sneakers or other slip on sneakers. I have a couple of my favorites on a list in the article. Looks a hundred times better. – A thousand times better. – The second style
mistake is logo t-shirts. Ugh my gosh, please don’t
join those other kids out there that wear all
the like the all logo fits. The logo tee, the logo
pants, the logo socks, the logo shoes. They look ridiculous. You don’t need to. Don’t wear logo t-shirts. – You could have some logo tees that’s not to say burn all of them. – Just a majority of them. Because you don’t want to
look like a hypebeast kid because it’s kind of embarrassing. To be known as that kid is
not what you want to be. The next on the list is
looking like you put in no effort because usually it means you did put in no effort. A little effort, when you’re in school goes a long way from setting
you apart from the pack and I would think and
hope that’s what you want people to say about you
like dude that guy dresses really well and the best part is it takes like this much more effort than you were going to put in anyways. – It’s super easy. All you have to do is
pick up a couple pieces and then that way you don’t
even have to think about it you can roll out of bed, grab
a couple of those pieces, put them together, and
you have a sharp outfit. I did all the work for you. I got you covered. We just released a back
to school essentials video that details all the key
items that you need to grab that do not cost very much. They are super comfortable
and will get you through day or morning to night
and you’ll look great. The next mistake that I
see a lot of young men making is wearing basketball shorts. Why are you wearing basketball shorts? Unless you are on the court, literally, about to play basketball, you should not be wearing basketball shorts to school. – Instead, pick up some equally
comfortable black joggers. – [Ashley] They look a
thousand times better than basketball shorts. Just as comfortable and actually,
if you get the right pair of black joggers, you can
look really attractive. – And next up on the list is
not caring about your grooming. Now, I’m not saying you need to have like fifty different
steps to look amazing. The best part is when you’re in school, this much more effort
goes this much further than everybody else so, guys
really what it comes down to is like having a proper haircut and just keeping it loosely cut to it’s original shape,
– Yeah – not letting it go too far. And then literally
splashing a little water on your face and putting
on like a moisturizer with some sunscreen in it. Super easy.
– Yes – And that’s literally the extent of it. You do that much, you’re
already ahead of the pack and on top of that okay
maybe you have your haircut but you woke up late or
you’re running late that day chuck on a baseball cap,
there’s nothing wrong with that. Now when you do that everyday that’s when you have problems. – Definitely check out
our article for some next level grooming tips that you can easily include in your routine. And number six on the list
is too much hypebeasting. It just reeks of trying too hard. It’s all right to sprinkle
it in here and there but you know you want to
just have like one element two elements, maybe, tops in an outfit but don’t go full fledge
everything hypebeast. That does not look good at all. – [Dorian] No. And Ash last on the list is an important. It’s a biggy. But guys before we get into that please hit that thumbs up if you’re loving this video. Hit that subscribe button if you like this content want to see more of it and also, if you got questions or comments leave in the comment section below. We also do this thing
called two minute Tuesday where we answer our reader
and viewer questions based on your feedback so,
leave those down below. And the last point is, only wearing workout gear or
sweat-everything let’s call it. – Yeah – Fellas, don’t do it. Hahaha You can have some of that, no question. You want to mix it up. Keep it real. No question about that. It’s super comfortable. I also wear this from time to time myself but it’s not everyday and all day. – I mean what will look
a hundred times better but be just as comfortable
pick up a pair of black joggers, pair it with a t-shirt, or a sweatshirt– – [Dorian] Well fitting – [Ashley] Yes, all of
these are well fitting. – [Dorian] Hahaha – [Ashley] Um throw on
a bomber jacket on top, pair it with your Ultra Boosts, your black Ultra Boosts. I mean it’ll look a hundred times better. I have my exact pics in the article which I’ll um which is included
in the description below – So guys that’s it. Hopefully you enjoyed this video. Don’t make these mistakes. Do this for yourself. This is free advice from
a celebrity stylist. You have to pay a gazillion dollars to get this advice if
you’re one of her clients. Trust me on that. You don’t want to know what she quotes. All right guys, thanks
so much for watching. We’ll see you in the next one. Bye.
– Bye (energetic rock music)

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61 thoughts on “Back to School Style Mistakes Men Make”

  1. I dress for the occasion and I've been developing a mature look this past year, but I still rock the logos. I still rock the snapback, but that's on the occasion.

  2. It's not just students … everyone today looks like they just rolled out of bed, it doesn't matter the place or the occasion, everyone just wants to be comfortable all the time, what is so uncomfortable about wearing real clothes?

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    Best part is that I live on the other side of the ocean so your style work less good here 😀
    C ya

  21. Socks and slides are fire as long as you wear dark socks for new black socks cuz normal socks smell bad after wear
    I’ve had
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