Welcome to the Tennis Warehouse racquet review
of the Babolat Pure Drive. This version of the Pure Drive features FSI
Power technology with diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing. The result is a noticeable boost in both power
and spin potential. Babolat updates its Cortex dampening system
with visco-elastic rubber as used in the space industry. The upshot is better dampening and decidedly
more muted feel. The strung specs come in at 11.2 ounces, 4
points head light, a 71 RA and a 324 swingweight. First up today we have Michelle, and you used
to use the Pure Drive in college, how did this latest version stack up for you? Michelle: Yeah I love the Pure Drive, it’s always going
to be a guilty pleasure for me and my game. Just that feel at the sweet spot when I’m
cracking forehands is one of my favorite things about tennis. I enjoyed this update and I did find this
string spacing to feel a little more open than the previous generation. So I found easy power, and a bit more spin
than normal. I was struggling a little bit with the feel
in the upper hoop, I just felt it to be slightly inconsistent. But off groundstrokes it’s exactly what you’re
going to expect from a Pure Drive, lots of power, lots of spin. At net really easy point and shoot volleys. Now where I absolutely love this racquet is
on serve. I don’t know if it’s that nostalgic feeling
with it in my hand but I was cracking huge flat first serves and I loved hitting kick
serves with it. So I was getting lots of kick. Best kick serve I’ve hit in a long time, so
loved that about this. On returns I just had to be aware of my personal
power and just pull back a bit and start the point off a little smarter without hitting
too big right off the bat. But all in all I enjoyed this update and it
was a super fun playtest. Chris: Next up we have Tiffani, Now like Michelle
I know you’ve used different versions of the Pure Drive in the past, you’ve probably tested
all of them, how did the latest one work for you? Tiffani: Well just like all those Pure Drives I really
liked how easy this one is to pick up and use. Now that being said, I did take a little extra
time than most Pure Drives in the past to get used to. I feel like I was getting a little bit more
spin like Michelle indicated. So I was having to adjust my targeting. Once I got adjusted to that I really
enjoyed the Pure Drive for what it offered me. It’s really easy to pick up balls from the
baseline and I don’t get pushed back so easily, so I can flick a ball and still get a good
shot and not be toast from my opponent. Also, my favorite shot, just like Michelle,
is the serve and that’s one place I just loved that Pure Drive power. I was just getting better spin, better pace,
so I didn’t feel like I was on the defensive right off the bat. I did notice that I needed to rein in my
returns a little bit. I was enjoying the depth I was getting but
sometimes I was not really finding my target quite as much as I like. But overall just really loved to pick up a
new Pure Drive and just have fun off the baseline. Next up we have Hannah, Now you use the Pure
Strike Project One 7 as your regular racquet, what did you think of the new Pure Drive and
how did it stack up against that one? This new Pure Drive, it’s an effortless experience
just like the old ones. Compared to the Pure Strike I do get more
control with that and that’s why I like it better for my game personally, but this was
all about power. I was really just reaching past the service
line with this with a lot of ease. Good force and can generate tons of spin too
so could be super aggressive from the baseline with this which was awesome. Compared to the old version I was just definitely
hitting a heavier ball and I would say that this one has a little bit less feel. I was a little bit less connected to the ball,
but as I hit with it more I just really liked the power and force I was getting especially
on groundstrokes. On volleys it was super stable and point and
shoot, just like Michelle said. Serves, I could really get precision and power
and that was nice on flat and spin serves. Overall I found this update to have a nice
boost in power and spin. Chris: I was also on this review for the new Pure
Drive and recently I transitioned out of the Pure Drive Plus so I was super excited to get
to hit with the new racquet. And like the other playtesters had mentioned,
a big boost in power and spin for me from this racquet. Definitely has a more open and lively feel
from the stringbed and from the baseline I was noticing both when hitting with it and
when hitting against someone that was using it the ball was coming in at a loopier angle
and really kicking off the court with topspin groundstrokes. On serves I was really excited to find out
that I could control my flat first serves. I was worried that I might lose a little bit
of control and precision on the flat serve but I found it totally dialed in. And then again on the spin serves this racquet
really came into its own I was getting great spin and bite Really enjoyed hitting my slice serve out
wide with this racquet to the deuce side. At net I really loved the effortless depth
I could get I was really hitting the corners of the baseline really well and I got a pretty
good feel at net, more so than I did from the baseline. On the baseline I prefer the previous version
of the racquet which offers me a little more touch and feel, but if I’m looking for a big
first serve and to hit big aggressive groundstrokes it doesn’t get much better than this one. Really fun playtest for me. For the review today we had two racquets strung
up, one with Luxilon ALU Power and one with Babolat RPM Blast both at 53lbs. And that’s all we’ve got for this edition
of the review, for more information be sure to head to www.tennis-warehouse.com,

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100 thoughts on “Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Review (2018)”

  1. How about the grip size? Is it still a bit bigger than usual and number 3 users shall order number 2 instead (like it was with 2015 version)? Thank you in advance.

  2. Love your revieuw. But one question…why in California nobody get sweaty playing tennis under the sun? You are always so "peRFect!! 😉

  3. I'm on a demo discovery tour, so I'd love to get my hands on this racquet whenever it becomes available. It sounds ideal for my game style, but I'm wondering about the control. For a player who relies on power (particularly in the serving department), this racquet sounds ideal. I'm just wondering if it offers enough spin potential and control to offset the power or if I should go with the Pure Aero and work on developing a more spin-oriented serve. Any advice, TW?

    Edit: I've been looking at some other reviews, and everyone seems to be pretty high on the Yonex Ezone DR 98+. Between the PD and Ezone, which would be preferable for a player looking to control some power on groundstrokes, but still crush flat serves?

  4. Hi! I am 12 years old and have played about 1 year. I currently use the yonex ezone DR 100. I am happy with the racket but would love to buy a racket with a bit more power. Even though I have only played 1 year I feel like I have become a lot better really fast and I would love if you gave me your thoughts on this racket and if it is to out of control. Thanks, Edvin

  5. Hello i play with Babolat Pure Aero right now. but thinking about change to the pure drive… would there be a big diffenrence between this 2 racket? 🙂

  6. Hello TW . So I have a doubt . Is the pure drive best or the pure aero ? Cause I have to buy a racquet and I am at Alois whether to buy this or that. Pls reply . Thank you

  7. This racquet is awful for your arm and using it would greatly increase your chances of developing tennis elbow. I can't understand why this would be ignored. For more information visit

  8. Anyone know when the 2018 Pure Drive Plus will be released and is Babolat ever going to offer an extended length Pure Drive Tour 18×20?

  9. i have 2 of the 2012 model pure drives which both suit my playstyle… unfortunately they both are cracked so i now use the Old pure storm GT

  10. Michelle- I am deciding between the 2018 Pure Drive Tour vs the PD Tour Plus… is the tour REALLY unwieldy and which one you like more? 6 weeks till the release right? January 11th?

  11. Hi, I'm currently a junior 5.0 player, I've been playing with a Babolat Aero Pro lite for a while now and am debating on making the move up to a "regular sized" racket. The racket I am most interested in, and have demoed before is the Pure Aero. I tried it before with Rpm blast 16g strings, however they were kind of dead, however I still got much more power than I do with my current racket. I'm wondering how the Pure Aero with a hybrid of Rpm blast and xcel 16 strings would feel?

  12. Just demoed this one and wow! It's amazing and powerful. I don't use poly though, and I would like a multifilament that would be low powered. Questions for TW team:
    1. Any recommendations for a good multi on this string?
    2. For multis, is higher tension better? Demo arrived at 57 lbs
    3. I love Ashaway Monogut as a full bed on my Phantom. What do you think of it on a Pure Drive?

  13. I am looking to get this racquet! I’m currently using the pureareo lite. I wanted to get this racquet cause I have a lot of power especially on my serves and on my backhands and I figured this would be a good racquet for me, but I know it’s going to be a weight difference going from one to the other will that be a difficult change would you still recommend this racquet?

  14. I haven't hit with a Babolat racquet in a few years as every one I demoed was stiff as a rock. Nice to look at however. lol

  15. Hi TW, When the Babolat Pure Drive family is released for sale, I am interested in purchasing either the Babolat Pure Drive Tour or the Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus. How do they compare and which one does the tennis warehouse playtester team prefer. I have always stuck to a 27" racquet but I am interested in utilizing a 27.5" racquet that the Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus offers along with the beefy specifications. However, I am concerned if the 27.5" length will mess up my stroke mechanics or timing when hitting the ball.

  16. Brittany and Troy, I am about to order the Pure Drive Tour but after seeing the video reviews I am second guessing if I should order the extended version. I am torn. Please help.

  17. Today im playing with babolat aero pro drive, i tested this racquet for an hour and i liked it, got more power. But i have been looking on yonex DR98 and pure strike also. But havent tried them yet. I like to hit hard but Dont wanna loose control of the ball, im just an average club player. Wich one do You prefer of the 3 i mentioned?

  18. Can never get tired of the Pure Drive. Bonus point: it's easy to customize. I slapped some weight at 3 and 9 o'clock, put in a leather grip, strung with Pro Hurricane Tour 1.25 mm at 59 lbs and it's a WALL! And I disagree with a previous poster, I find this racquet has a good level of control and feel for a 11 oz strung tweener racquet. I mean, I can hit touch volleys and drop shots without any problems with it. I mean, it's no Pro Staff, but honestly, how many amateur tennis players out there can truly hone and swing properly a Pro Staff?

  19. Hey Tennis Warehouse

    I’m a 14 year old boy and I currently play with Head Graphene XT Extreme Pro with topspin strings, I feel like it’s a light racquet for me as I’m a bit of a bigger person and I’m looking for a little more versatility, like flat and topspin and a lot more power, I find that am always pushing the ball back, I get accuracy but I’m just hitting it softly with topspin and I need a change, will the Babolat pure drive 319g be a good option for me, will it help with power?


  20. I m expecting a newer version sooner than usual bcz this pure drive is a damage to the reputation. I reviewed it and wasn't impressed at all..

  21. Maybe they will paint it black for a while and actually make the 2015 iteration better… like they did for the pure strike…

  22. TW – I'm looking to switch from a Wilson Six One 95s. I hit with the Pure Drive Tour and really liked the feel and power – what racquet would you recommend for me?
    Bearing in mind it's quite hard to get Pure Drives and Yonex Dr 98+ etc here in the UK – G4 is always sold out!
    Many thanks!

  23. If I am looking for a racket that is more forgiving (larger sweetspot) and confortable, which one would you recommend: 1) pure drive, 2) wilson blade cv, or 3) wilson ultra cv? I am currently using prostaff97 and developed trigger finger symptom 🙁

  24. Hey tw,

    I am an intermediate player that currently uses a burn 100 team and was wondering if this would be a correct step up, i like the burn but its just meh on serves, and if i were to buy this what strings should i use? I like spin and power but the burn just seems too light, any suggestions??

    Edit: and what tension i have my burn at 52, it doesnt have as much pop as i would like and feels weak.

  25. This was my 3rd Pure Drive, and I found it to be less stiff and less power than the previous 2 generations… despite the spec sheet saying that it was nearly identical.

  26. I have the 2017version and I simply love it. It is powerful, yet balanced, I dont find it numb like many people say it is.
    I wouldnt have thought that it would make such a difference.

  27. Hi TW, i just string my PD 2015 with RPM Blast 17 fullbed @ 53/51. Would like to know how long the string can last on average before going dead. Any other string that is similar to RPM blast with better durability? trying to get PD 2018 but based on the reviews, it feels a lot stiffer. I'm not a super top spin player, playing at baseline and sometimes go to the net. Would you think PA is a better option if i were to choose between PA and PD 2018? Or should i remain using PD and go for hybrid stringing?

  28. Don’t you think the swing weights of the Pure Drive and the Pure Aero should be the other way around?

    Lighter sw
    more maneuverability, racquet head speed, spin

    Heavier sw
    more stability, plow through, power

  29. It's a fun racket to use if you like launching balls without really knowing where they will land. Perfect stick for those who play to end the point within 2-3 shots.

  30. Hi guys, I recently changed from customized WIlson burn FST 99 (350 grams strung) to this racket (also 350 strung, balance 32.5, sw 331)… I played with so many strings, mostly 1.25 (solicno tour bite, Luxilon adrenaline, Luxilon alu power…), and it was very good (on burn fst 99)…And, I strung Pure drive with Solinco tour bite (25-24 kg), but now, my racket is toooo much powerful, i need much slowier racket… So, my question for you guys, do you think that RPM blast 1.30, stringing on 25-24kg, can be solution for my problem?! 🙂

  31. I'm planning to buy either the Pure Drive 2018 or Pure Strike 16×19, but I was wondering which one would suit me the most. I've been playing for 15 years and prefer to go for powerful flat shots, while not minding the feel and control. Is the difference between these two rackets noticeable when it comes to feel, control and power? Thank you in advance!

  32. whats the perfect tension for the PD's? I've got mine strung at 55 & 58lb and they seem like a catapult??? one is strung with prince topspin the other with yellow head lynx strings. If I get another one I'd prob string it at 60lb….prob more control? what's your thoughts please, TW? ps. love the reviews.

  33. Hi TW,

    If I wanted to get a bit more flatter strokes and more control, would stringing the racquet with Yonex Poly Tour Spin G at 57 pounds be a good option and what will the benefits be?

  34. I'm saving up some money to buy a new racquet. My current racquet is the 2012 Babolat Pure Drive and I'm a huge fan of it, I love the power and I honestly find it really comfortable to play (even with the really heavy weight).
    So, I'm wondering if the logical step forward would be getting this one. Would this be a good one to transition to? Because I'm also finding myself interested in the Wilson Pro Staff 97 so I wonder how the 2018 Pure Drive fares against that one. I like playing a Hard Hitting playstyle.

  35. Hello, would you please tell me if I should choose this one or Pure Strike? I'm an intermediate player, at best. Thank you

  36. Guys what do you think, if i take a new pure drive and get the strings for spin and control will i be able to generate as much spin as on the pure aero?

  37. My friend let me borrow his racquet for my season and omggg I actually played good😭 I used to use a $90 wilson racquet but now I want to buy this one

  38. Hello tenniswarehouse….I like the previous version of the pure drive which is decent in control..can I buy the 2015 model.now...what will b the rackets shell life…it is recommendable to buy now…??

  39. Hey TW quick question. Im a senior in high school who has been playing tennis for a couple of years. Ive been playing with the Head TI s7 which I have enjoyed. I been wanting to buy a new affordable racket and I think I have come down to the choices of the Babolat Boost Strike and Babolat Boost drive. Any opinions on what to get? Im open to other considerations too around the 100 price point

  40. Had a hit with one yesterday. It's a power monster, but has almost no feel at all. Serious weapon on the serve though.

  41. I have this racket and it's great but I would also like a suggestion of a few other rackets that are similar that I can also try. Thanks!

  42. Switching from a Dunlop 300G in a size 3,is it true that Babolat handles are bigger?Thinking of going for a size 2?

  43. I still play with the 2015 Pure Drive which I still love. Thanks for your play-test of that racquet, which in large part influenced my purchase. FYI, I would hate to play against Michelle (whose ground strokes are always well placed and oftentimes seem like line drives – good luck returning them!), Hannah (great foot work, quickness, and ball placement), Tiffany (great patience, every point), or Chris (Mr. Trick-Shot who disguises his shots so well and can seemingly get to almost any ball). Great TW team!

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