I am from Darfur, in West Sudan. The militias come and targeted my village
and many people they killed. In 2003, I fled from my home. I decided to
leave my homeland. You know, it’s a kind of…just, it never
asks who you are or to whom it belongs. It’s sharing a kind of fun things with anybody. That’s what football is for me. It’s a very happy day today. This is how we can make interaction, and we can make integration. To exchange the ideas. To play together. My name is Bluts Iyassu, and I wish good luck
to all of the players! Thank you for this event. Good luck to both
teams, from Be’er Sheva and Holot. I hope you’ll have a great time and good
luck. Thank you! Football because it’s a good way to get
to know each other, without any barriers. Just to play with one another, and get to
know each other. We are not so different from one another, and football is one of showing it. We have to put our minds through football,
and culture, and music, instead of wars and what makes us different. That’s why an organization like BabaGol, it’s one step to get us closer.

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Dennis Veasley

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