Hi everyone it’s Erica and today we’re
looking at the Axeus inferno which is the latest shoe from Axeus World. If
you guys haven’t heard yet Axeus World is a new brand that sold exclusively on
cheerandpom.com so if you want to know a little bit more about Axeus
World you can click on the icon that you see on your screen. Today, like I said before,
we’re looking at the Inferno a little bit more closely. Just to give you guys a
little bit of background on what we do for our cheer review shoes here at Cheer and pom, anytime we receive a shoe we take it we look at it try it on and we sit
down as a team and discuss what the characteristics are and what we think
the best characteristics that we think you guys need to know are. And the thing
that stood out to me the most personally for the inferno was it’s extreme flexibility.
So when you look at the shoe full on it doesn’t seem like it would be a highly
flexible shoe but if you take a closer look I actually found that you can bend it
completely in half. You can bend it to either side. So the Axeus Inferno is
great because it has this awesome flexibility but you don’t lose any of
the really important features of the shoe either such as the support and the
durability. If you notice on both sides of the inferno it has these really nice
leather bands and when you tie your shoe up tight these little other bands will
give you like a cheer shoe hug to make sure that you have the best support
possible. As a personal recommendation the Inferno tends to run a little bit short
in length so you may want to consider going up a half size and both womens and kids.

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