By now, you all know my
executive producer, Andy, is very, very, very, very average. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] Not in every way, but in
most ways, he’s very average. And last week we sent
him to the U.S. Open to play tennis with
some of the best tennis players in the world. Here’s how he did. [LAUGHTER] [THEME SONG] [SINGING] He’s an executive
producer on the Ellen Show. He works hard every day. He’s super, duper
awesome at what he does, but he’s average
in every other way. Hi, how are you? Nice to see you. Nice to see you. I took that 23andMe test,
you know, the DNA thing. And it said, this is true,
that I had the same makeup as an elite athlete. There you go. So my question to you
is, I don’t play tennis. But if I started right now– Yeah. Once a week, for an
hour, how long till I could play in
something like this? In a tournament like this? Never. What would it be? Never. Unfortunately– Really? Yes. Twice a week, I
would need to do it? Congratulations on
winning Wimbledon. Thank you very much. That’s a huge deal. Well, yeah. It felt very special. We’re very similar that way. Because last year
a lot of people didn’t think we would win the
daytime Emmy for best show, which I’m sure you know we did. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And that was, so I know that
we both are under the lights and we know pressure. [LAUGHTER] OK, so here’s what I have. I have a backhand. Uh-huh. Forehand. Uh-huh. Serve. Whoa. And then when I win a point– Wait, where do you
get this form from? Jewish summer camp is
the only time I played. [LAUGHTER] Show me your forehand. I do it that way. Oh, you follow through? Do the base like this– And this and finish here. You guys saw that? He put his arm around– we full on had a Ghost moment. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC – RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS,
“UNCHAINED MELODY”] [SINGING] Oh, my love. My darling– How is this the best thing
they have for me to change in? Honestly. Can we do a bathroom? Jesus [BLEEP] [MUSIC PLAYING] So what do your serves clock at? I’ve hit 156 before. Let’s keep it down
around 140 today. All right, here we go. Dude, if he hits me, I’m done. All right, you ready? Oh, God. [LAUGHTER] Why are you laughing? It almost went over the net. How long have you been playing? What age did you start? I started when was four. At about 10, it was when
I fully committed to it. Right. And then I went
pro when I was 14. Same. Yeah. You ready? Yeah. Got your big girl pants on? [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, I’m going to run you,
is what I’m going to do. I’m using an undersized
racquet, so that’s why. [LAUGHTER] Oh. OK. I wasn’t ready. Now you’re trying to hit me. You’re impressive at this. I’ll give you that. How’s it going? Twins. I have twins. No really? At what age did they go, oh,
these guys got something? We started playing
tennis at two. Right. We had 100 trophies by seven. My kids are 12. They have one participation
trophy for roller hockey. You? Mine. You? You? You! Go. Are you going to play at all? It’s a stupid sport. Hey, Andy. Finally, thank you
for doing this. Nice to see you. Let’s go, Andy. Let’s go. Oh, God. You got it. You got it, got it. Got it. Come on, come on, come on. No holding back. Wait. Come one, come on, come one. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. That was out. That was in. Come on, man. Ah, good luck. Good luck. Oh, yeah. And you do this thing
where you’re running, and you hit it like that. What’s that called? It’s called a Tweener. Because like weiner? Tweener. Not weiner. OK. You’re Swiss, right? I’m Swiss, yeah. Good cheese. Let’s see your back hand. You made a big mistake there. I know. Oh, wait. I’m pretty sure you’re
not allowed to do this. Oh, no, we’re not using that. Here;s what I need you to do. Let me help you out. Stop with the instructions. I need you to just win this. ok. OK. Ah. No. I got it, I got it,
I got it, I got it. Oh, he did a weiner. You. You. No, you. No. Chaos won that point. You guys have
actually won matches? What does it feel like to be
ranked number one in the world? I’ve never been ranked
anything at anything. I think you’re pretty
good at what you do. Of course, you’re with Ellen. Can you call me every morning
and make me feel good? Yes, yes, yes. Because when you work with
Ellen, I don’t get any of this. You know what? I’m going have you
record it on my phone, so you don’t have to call me. I’ll just keep listening to it. Hey, Andy, switch
off all the lights. Close your eyes. Dive deep, deep into
meditative state. And listen to my voice. You are the best-looking
tennis player in the world. You are amazing human being that
is the best in what he does. I’m quitting Ellen. And take that into new
day, raise your confidence. And believe in yourself. Love you, buddy. Take care. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] I love you so much, Andy. We’ll be right back.

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