Hey Bruce, how you seen my copy of Cloud Atlas book avatar movie based on no, I’m busy But first I need the Kyle outlets book Elyse… busy Ooh you find interest in my planet once more than a mere planet again You mostly hiss that stuff right people insolent people Who’s the most insolent person you know you know them well all right whoo Why is she speaking riddles just tell us? Sully why are you pissing so much you like him there we go Hey capably the sandwich Sam Worthington hey everybody America’s most pori actor Sam The trick to making love to an avatar Is you gotta you gotta access the birth canal Oh Deep deep in the birth canal. Yeah, real deep. That’s why they got those tales. It’s eerie. Where’s your birth canal? No? I have the birth canal Hey have you seen my copy cut out this book Avatar movie based on know This book Battlefield Earth Bruce Green What? manager of fun house you have betrayed my People you know the manager funhouse the tear you little bit entirely different planet. I watch your videos I’ve heard what you said about the tyranny tales. That’s all dirty and smelly oh You ever written one of those as an avatar before uh yeah, but they gotta tie me to it No you put your body in the avatar, and then they have water rides the the horse my body is all broken This is how we use our avatar Siri stop trying to touch that stuff sit down. This is your appetite control Ginger beard man this is your career. Can you feel that I think I’m getting aroused What does arousal feel like it’s been so long? I don’t know It’s about avatar The games of all this making fun of the differently-abled Focus back on the game tell us what’s happening right now? Knocking oh hang right Wait what do you mean who’s real bastard he’s he’s out there battling the humans for he doesn’t recycle Hey have you guys seen my copy Cloud Atlas book Avatar movie based on did you bring the supplies? Do you have any water? And here she goes this this is what the deer move I Never get tired yeah moving slow here in the tree. Why don’t you do this? Why don’t you sit down and I’ll perch for you about that that’s nice see humans aren’t all bad there there We go you know what maybe I should get up there – yeah go – shot Good look it’s your axle. It’s kind of hold a hard to hold that deep squat Thank you dear let me see what this sitting I’ve heard so much of it’s all about go ahead take a seat Yeah, she can’t do it look. What cuz her pelvis doesn’t work the same way Am I doing it the tree? Will you give me a knife? Oh? That’s a great. This is a great parlor trick I do want to find out if James. I mean I’m sorry Jake Sully hey I’m like you’d be faking it. I feel a single thing alright. Oh You lost your feet – Jake Sully yeah, cuz when when the leg dies it dies from the bottom up, so What part of the planet do we need to go to This is I know this is a fake representation of Pandora But like I’ll give you a clue Okay to find what you missed you seek you must go to the place where Anna tiri became a woman Is that it, can you say that name I can mean yeah, yeah that changed before before her Action avatar gonna sneeze How cold are your legs are they cold you tell me with their ice-cold How was your first date, why don’t you tell him I’m gonna sleep together on the first date, we didn’t do much sleeping Was it because you couldn’t get into bed, I can I could not actually climb into bed in his chair up the waterfall Oh Harmoo that is like the matrix. Also by the Wachowskis. That’s like what you can Do you can go in slow motion right I mean, I’m always in slow motion Something new with my hair. No you have it. It’s the same way d lysed is it deloused no like There’s a lot of my life natira. Have you ever farted? so loud it’s shaking the leaves off of trees if I must queef relief and it does affect the queef relief Then yes materias guilty as charged. I’m very excited for a Pandora land at Disney World yes I need you to buy me a pass though She’s actually a little everything for Those ratty old clothes they’re not designer games like I’ve got He died before year of the swing yeah come on man oh Oh boy, be careful. He’s going on. Oh jeez I wish I could climb like that I’m sure he is he’s not dead. He is the teach chief avatar now. I here’s the thing no one would notice No, that’s not true. He’s chief avatar remember, and he’s made it with the teary What’s he doing? Now that doesn’t mean the next movies gonna take place on Pandora? Where else would it take place one of its moons? What do you notice the guy’s moved before the arrow hits them? Oh yeah, you’re right. Oh, it’s okay. These are the uruk-hai of our dangerous force on my planet. Oh, wow, okay? Why? Saruman has conjured them to steal our rings. I think a Lisa to talk about jer talking She’s been reading the human mythology Still can’t find copy cloud atlas move the avatar based on pity maybe next millennia I mean one mr. Grinch What what’s that the theory that is the fuck tree tree vision 50% complete of all your tree vision, that’s really good. Yeah, I came fifty percent of the times I should have on that tree. No legs wait hold on so she called my no legs To do I think we got an hour 45 minutes, what do you want if you won’t finish up real strong they’re materia What do you need? What do you have a finale for this? I’m gonna do a dance number What is this he found a thing and he already fucked it up we’re gonna do this wasn’t in the movie It sounds like you didn’t see it is from James Cameron’s version see o-tar

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Dennis Veasley

86 thoughts on “AVATAR ASSISTED LIVING – Avatar Gameplay Part 2”

  1. Um, this video is gold. That scene of all the editors dying of neglect was hilarious.

    Also, is it just me, or does James look extra handsome in this? Can't tell if it's the hair or the way his tiny legs make his arms look bigger. Probably the hair.

  2. "He couldn't get his chair up the waterfall."

    "She called you 'no legs.' Did you hear that?"

    😂😂 I live for Elyse/James banter

  3. I always laugh but there’s always that one occasionally funhaus video when I absolutely crack the fuck up, this is one of them.

  4. The people who work in the other buildings around the Funhaus office have to be in a constant state of what the fuck every time they look in the parking lot.

  5. I was watching Avatar on TV and all I could think of was this video.Curse you Elyse for being better then Neytiri!!!

  6. I'm pretty meh about Avatar and think it's incredibly overrated. But I would give James Cameron ALL THE MONEY if he put the Funhaus crew in Avatar 2.

  7. Is Adam a Scientologist? Has he ever been to St. Pete, FL? Seen SeaOrg? Where's David's Miscavige's wife? Shit, I'm asking too many questi-

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