I first started playing tennis
when I was about four years old. We used to drive past tennis courts
on the way to my siblings’ sports, on the weekend. So for me, I just wanted
to give it a crack. My mum and dad were massive
tennis fans when I was younger, so very nice for me
to start playing tennis, through my sisters
and through my family. My first experience travelling
on the tennis tour was challenging but I also loved it. I think there were parts of it
that were really hard. I’m a ‘homebody’, I love to be
home with my family, so I think that was probably
the most challenging part, but I love the game of tennis,
I love the sport and I have no regrets. When I returned to tennis
in 2016, for me, I felt like I’d missed
the competition, I’d missed the one-on-one, you know, and I missed all the things
that I loved about tennis. I love this sport and I’m very lucky to
have such a good team of people around me who are my friends, they’re my family and
they help me through some of the toughest times
of my career and then I get to enjoy the best times
of my career with them as well, so it’s really special. Yeah, I think the amazing thing of
being able to play tennis is, it’s a global sport. You get to
experience so many different things and you get to try and make an impact
on so many different people’s lives around the world
and if I can, you know, be an impact for one young boy or one
young girl to get into sport to get into tennis,
it would be incredible. But I think it’s about
staying true to yourself, doing it your way and just trying to be
the best that you can be. Sport has the ability to offer
so many things in life, not just being being healthy,
being active, but you create friendships, you
create memories that last forever. I think us Aussies, I feel like
we’re a massive sporting nation, we have such a rich history
in all sports, all codes, all different places
around the world. I feel like you hear
about Australian sport, you see Australian athletes
all around the world and I think for us it’s just very
special, we love it, it’s in our blood. We’re definitely a sporting nation.

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Dennis Veasley

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