>>I’m so bored. There’s nothing to do. [Grunts] Mom, I’m so bored!>>Bored? Your brother AND the dog
are right there. I do NOT wanna hear that.>>Cole, let’s go.>>Go where?>>I don’t know,
let’s just go do something!>>Like what?>>We should go outside to like ride our
scooters or something.>>No I’m good.>>Come on, I’m bored!>>>Wa Wa Wa!>>Odie, I’m bored. [Squeaks] Let’s go do something. [Squeaks] You’re boring too! Ugh, I’m so bored! Dad, I’m so bored!>>You’re bored, huh?
I got something you can do.>>Really?!>>Yeah, follow me. Alright, you see
all these boxes right here?>>Yeah.>>They’re from when we moved,
so just clean them up. It’ll give you something to do!
Alright? Thank you! That’s the last time
I’m gonna tell him I’m bored. [Doorbell rings] [Grunts] Not more boxes, please! Who’s this to? Cole, huh?>>Who is at the door?>>Huh?>>Who ring the doorbell?>>Uhh, the garbage man!>>The garbage man? Why would he knock on the door?>>He was just letting us know
that he’s still doing his job. Okay, bye.>>What? Whatever.>>What is this? Hmm…
What is this thing? I’ve never seen this blaster before. Let’s test this thing out! Too easy.
Wait! Wait a second. Oh, I’m gonna get him back for
the last time he made a box fort! [Squeaking] Hehehe! Hey Cole!>>What?>>Eat some darts!>>Whoa!>>Aahh! I love your new blaster, see ya!>>I just ordered that!
Come back here! Give that back! Oh great, this again?
>>Yes. Yes, this again.>>Just give me my blaster back! That’s all you got to do.>>You can’t have the blaster back, sorry. But you can eat some darts.>>Oh, OH! Dang! It jammed! Or out of ammo.
Ehh, whatever. Well, it’s a good thing
I brought this.>>I gotta be sneaky about this. Give it back!
>>Aargh!>>Hmm… I have an idea!>>Don’t act like I didn’t hear that! Your ideas; are completely useless! Let’s see if his fort
will take this!>>Take what?
>>Oh, you’ll see.>>You’ve got nothing!
Try it.>>Okay. Uh-oh! Aaargh! How will I knock his castle down?>>Oh, Cole just give up. I give up sometimes, too. Like me trying to open
the pickle jar yesterday. I gave up.>>This has nothing to do
with pickles, Ethan! This does involve pickles
’cause you’re in one. Hey Cole!
>>What?>>What do you call pickle
you get at a good price?>>What?>>A sweet deal!>>Ha-ha-ha.
Wait, pickle? Thanks for the idea, Ethan. Looks like a pickle to me! This should do it.>>I hear you out there!>>I’ll give you one more chance
to give me back my blaster!>>Not really a good trade,
so I’ll pass. Thanks for the offer, though.>>Okay then.>>Uh-oh.
>>Yeah, uh-oh.>>Hey, don’t do that again!
>>Oh, okay!>>Oh, that’s right!
Run away! Hey, what was that?>>Just mind
your own business!>>Don’t even try it!>>Your castle is coming down!>>Where’d you go?
>>I’m right here!>>Hey, you messed up my wall!>>This is gonna take forever!>>Yeah, so just give up!>>Never!>>And don’t come back!>>Time to destroy the castle. A-ha!>>Whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!>>Aargh!>>I’m out!
>>Man, I’m out of ammo!>>I know you’re out of ammo!>>So are you!
>>We’ll see about that! A-ha!
I have a surprise for you! Here’s the surprise I promised!>>Don’t do it!
>>It’s already done!>>Stop!>>NO!>>Thank you!>>You’re welcome! Hey guys! We’re gonna play a game
of “Destroy the castle”. Here’s how it works: So, we each got one canine cannon
that shoots tennis balls. The first person who knocks down
the other person’s castle, wins. This is my side
and that’s Cole’s side. But first, we’re gonna do
a comment and a picture of the week. Comment of the week comes from:
Ethan Vargae. “Can you have a ninja in your videos?” Hmmm…
We’ll see if we can and nice name.>>Picture of this week comes from:
>>Asher Armstrong from Tennessee. That is a lot of Nerf darts. That gives us a lot of ideas. I say one video where we shoot
all the Nerf darts we have.>>That’s so much! Thanks Asher for your picture!>>Check our Instagram page
and Facebook page.>>Give us a thumbs up!>>Let’s do this!
>>Let’s do it!>>You ready Cole?>>Do this!>>This is not gonna fall, so I’m gonna get ya!>>Not for long! Whoo! New rule, let’s throw them!>>Okay, tennis balls do not work! First to destroy the other fort
with their hand, wins!

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