Here we are at Stoke Park, this is a famous place
because the movie Goldfinger was filmed here You know the film Goldfinger
we are actually remaking the film We’re casting for three parts today
James Bond obviously, Goldfinger and Oddjob And we thought that you should
read for one of the parts I’ve just got a couple questions for you for the audition. What’s your name? Diego Schwartzman Could you see that like more of a James Bond way? Schwartzman… Diego Schwartzman Shapo… Denis Shapo Berdych… Tomas Berdych Oh la la… that was really good! Scuba dive? Yeah!
Skydive? Yeah, I mean just last week I go.
Amazing! How is your English accent? May I have a spot of tea? May I have a spot of tea? Wonderful! Do you see yourself
playing more of a villain or hero? Villain! Villain? Yeah I would say the good guy The villain. Oh… okay! I’ve actually written a part especially for you and you
would be playing the part of Liam Hemsworth Give us a Liam Hemsworth. Oh my… that was really
good. I thought it was Liam for a second. Do you think you could do like a serious
stare in to the camera in a menacing way? And action! That was really good! I just need to see how good you are
at throwing a hat and action! It’s not just up to me. I’ll talk to my people,
but I think you got the part. We’ll call you about the part. Thank you so much for coming in. Nice to meet you. I love it!

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Dennis Veasley

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