This camp is just an opportunity for
ages you know middle school through high school to get an opportunity to come get
a lot of tennis in and learn some new skills and really just kind of you know
be able to get away from home and have an atmosphere somewhat like a college
because they stay in the residence hall and get opportunity to meet new friends
and a lot of it has just had a lot of fun. Yeah so usually registration opens up
you know early early springtime somewhere usually around March ish is
when you know kids can start to sign up. But we start putting out the
advertisement earlier you know I started talking to a lot of high school coaches
and a lot of the campers that have been here before start you know start getting
the material early but they can start signing up around March. Obviously we do
about five and a half hours of tennis every day then outside of the camp we
just do a lot of fun games when we have one night or you do a scavenger hunt, one
night we do a game night where we do some pictionary and some trivia. And then
another night we go to the movies so it gives me an opportunity to get out of
the heat and just get some air conditioning. Even this week we have quite a few kids
that you know might have an opportunity in one day play some college tennis and
what’s great is you know it gives us a chance to you know be able to you know
show them kind of what a college atmosphere look like. We do some stuff in
the camp that or some things we do in practice so it gives them an opportunity
but yeah I you know it’d be great for one of these kids and it’ll coming but
we know will now have Ferris you know Bulldog tennis fans you know for life so
it’s also a great benefit. To be honest with you, the best part I just love
seeing the smile on their faces you know they show up at each morning a little
tired because they’re just not used to you know staying in the dorms and
playing tennis five and a half hours a day. But you know all the coaches myself
get joy out of them in the first five ten minutes trying to get a smile on all
their faces and then seeing them you know learn something new and grow if by
the end of the week you know they’ve learned a couple things that they feel
they can go back and you know take to their high school or middle school
tennis seasons you know that really makes us feel like we’ve accomplished

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Dennis Veasley

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