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Dennis Veasley

15 thoughts on “Athletic Propulsions Labs – Launch and Load Technology – Does it work?”

  1. Hey Jacob! It's Brandon. I think the fact that a double blind study was not conducted is a problem. However, I did buy these shoes and as compared to other basketball shoes I do jump higher with these shoes. As compared to lighweight training shoes the difference is not as big. I do running vertical jumps every other day and alternate between my new balance training shoes and the APL concept ones. I jump the same off a standing vertical, but I jump about .5 to 1 inch higher with the APLs.

  2. The NBA ban is based on claimed performance of the shoe and not actual performance. Obviously APL was begging for a ban. I was personally skeptical about the shoe, but it's like wearing a training shoe that has the support of a basketball shoe. At worst, the shoe is more lightweight than any other on the market and has great support. As compared to LeBron's or Jordan's I would go with the APL anyday. I understand your skepticism but I would have returned mine by now if they didn't help.

  3. Regardless of anyone's thoughts on the APL, I think we can all agree that it's more important to have a solid training program from a world class trainer like Jacob Hiller!

  4. @Cloud3205 dang I didn't know you had em! Thanks for the input man (an the kind words). Do you feel the device? Or does it feel normal?

  5. @freejumptraining Hey Jacob, it feels normal. You can buy a pair and return them if you don't like them so it might be something worth considering. It's really like wearing a lightweight training shoe instead of a basketball shoe though but it has the support of a basketball shoe which is worth it to me.
    Chris Ballard from Sports Illustrated tried them on several athletes with his shoes size (if you read his subsequent article he talks about this) most had gains but the "study" is unscientific

  6. @freejumptraining Jacob, you said that if the shoes make you jump higher that we wouldnt be able to handle the force when landing. Could I do drop jumps to get use to the landing?

  7. i bought the APL concours , i can dunk with them on nothing special but i can put it up there and with out the shoes i can only grab rim, so im happy with the shoes they did exactly what they said they were going to do ,add a few inches , dont think your going to put the shoes on and magically get your head to the rim , but if u can grab rim or at least touch it i think youll be able to dunk with them , im only 5'9" by the way.

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