– My son’s euro-step,
left hand and jump shot. – [Kevin] Is great. – Dude he almost, he actually
almost beat me in pop shot, like Pop-A-Shot already this weekend. He scored 29, like he just J’s. – [Kevin] Wait, is he a lefty too? – I’m trying to make, I’m like– – [Kevin] Oh yeah, just put
everything in his left hand, open doors, eat.
– I’m like breaking his, I almost broke his right hand. (laughing) Like I’m really like fucking psycho dad. He’s only lefty, only
euro-step, only jump shot, and already completely brain, like his poor first
grade class they all know they’ll never dunk because
he got it into his head and he’s like there and now
he’s just spitting it to them and they’re all just like baffled like why can’t we ever dunk? It’s just a wild scene,
but oh, where I was going, like yeah like we need to do
it because you coming over like shooting with him
like will be like you know. – I’ll blow his mind. – He probably knows more
about your career than you do, like all he does is
sit on 10 hours of iPad memorizing stats of every, I don’t want to talk to him about sports ’cause he genuinely knows more than me. He just is his whole life. All right. – [Man] Ready when you are. – What is it? – [Man] 3:18. – Hey everybody, this is Gary Vaynerchuk and this is episode 318
of the #AskGaryVee Show and this is an episode
I’ve been waiting for for a long, long time. Not only do I admire
this man for what he does in his profession, but
watching him evolve, the words that come out of his mouth over the last two to three
years has been inspiring to me. It’s really endeared me to him. I’ve really enjoyed the tons of banter over the last 18 months we’ve done on DM. I super love dapping him up
on the court in the garden. Not far from here.
– I was hoping you were gonna drop that, that was good. – And he also like guaranteed
that they were gonna win and everything was okay
with two minutes to go and then that’s what happened. I’ve just been watching
him a lot, admire him, love a lot about him
and looking forward to getting to know him much
more on my personal level, but wanted to give him the
platform and the opportunity. I got really excited the
other day with somebody else I like a lot and we
didn’t get to phone calls. I promise I’m gonna stay very committed, we will get the calls in. So if you’re watching
right now on Instagram, we’re gonna take the numbers
from YouTube and Facebook. YouTube, Facebook, if you
got a question for Kevin Love who is our guest today. Extraordinary MBA talent,
but unbelievably exciting emerging voice for many things that I’m passionate about
in society is our guest. If you have questions
for him about anything that we talk about please
put your phone number and a little bit of a
preview of your question. Andy will be picking them, put it into YouTube or Facebook. I know Instagram, I know
you guys are watching, and I know that’s where
most people are watching so I highly recommend you
switching over to Facebook and YouTube for your questions
if you are passionate enough. Kev, thanks for being on. – Thanks for having me. It’s been a long time coming. – Super long time coming. Before we get into anything else, I love origin stories like
comic book number one, spit the three or four
minutes of like who you are. – Who am I? Well I grew up in a basketball family. I heard you talking about
your son, six years old. The ball was placed in my
hand at a very early age. I had a father who came
from Inglewood, California, went to Morningside High School, you know Byron Scott, Lisa Leslie. I went to the University of Oregon, played in the league for five years, was around my Uncle who
was in rock and roll, Mike Love of the Beach Boys
so he had a little bit of, he got to play for the LA Lakers and then in the summer
times got to travel around with the Beach Boys but– – [Gary] Best life ever. – Best life ever, it’s probably why– – [Gary] What years did he play? – He only lasted like four or five years, but that was probably– – [Gary] He had too much
fun with the Beach Boys. – Yeah, exactly.
– I get it. – But he was before his time.
– What years? – He was I think it was
’71 he was drafted ninth by the Baltimore Bullets. Yeah, and actually on
his draft card it said, “Good jumper for a white guy.” – [Gary] No way. – [Kevin] I didn’t have that. – [Gary] I get it. – [Kevin] That wasn’t me. – Wait, wait, ’71 to the
Bullet, that was big-time teams. – [Kevin] Wes Unseld, my middle name, – The Pearl. – Is Wesley after Wes Unseld. Yep, Earl The Pearl, exactly. And then he played on. I mean played with, I’m trying to think on the Lakers. Connie Hawkins, Gail Goodrich, Elmore Smith blocked 17 shots in a game. – By the way Connie Hawkins, I’m just, you know I like to interrupt
so let’s get used to it. Connie Hawkins is one of the
most interesting all-time basketball players in my opinion. – [Kevin] Ever. Well, his story, you wanna
talk about origin stories. – I mean fucking blackballed
from league for gambling. – [Kevin] Insane. – Dr. J basically cosigns him as like I’m Dr. J of Connie Hawkins. – No, he was basically MJ
or Dr. J before those guys. I mean he was a guy my dad used to tell me he would pick it off
the ground, either hand, go up and it was, I mean just put it down, – [Gary] Love it. – He was yeah, unbelievable. – So it was like, it was
destiny from the get for you? – Pretty much. Yeah, like I said the ball was– – And did you love it– – Always loved it. When I was the kid I’m remember telling my best friend’s dad, he likes to– – [Gary] Tell the story? – Tell the story of me coming
back from my first day. We live right across the
street from each other and he would say, “What do you
want to be when you grow up?” And I said, “I’m gonna be in the NBA.” That was just so matter of fact that I taught myself or I really
spoke it into existence. – But he as a dad didn’t
laugh at that the same way given the DNA, right? – Given the DNA, he was around those teams when we were young in
Portland where it was, Rick Adelman was the
coach and Terry Porter. – [Gary] The duck. – The duck. Oh the duck was a monster.
– The duck was underrated. – Yeah, for sure. – [Gary] Cliff Robinson
is a rookie from Uconn. – Cliff Robinson, yep, Terry Porter. – You have to understand why
I know those teams so well. So literally the human that I hate the most on earth is Michael Jordan, like number one, number one on my list. Brady’s a close second. – [Kevin] Sure. – And that’s completely
predicated my Jets/Knicks love. – [Kevin] I was gonna say yeah. – And like I don’t understand Knick fans in their 40s that like MJ, I really don’t. I genuinely don’t, I don’t understand it. – He tormented you guys
for years over there. – Yeah, like I don’t understand it. Like respect is different. Please let there be no confusion. I understand who the player was, but like? Fuck that. So you don’t know how
much I love those Pistons, I mean excuse me, those Blazer
teams because I prayed to God that they could figure
out how to beat them. – Oh yeah, in the finals and yeah, all those times they faced them, but it’s interesting to me, you talk about MJ like how, same thing with Bron like what guys would have taken that
next step to be the guy? – Well it’s funny, it’s funny and obviously you played with him, like I love Bron mainly
because the day I heard of him when he was like fucking 16, immediately. No different than Felipe Lopez, which went in a different direction or anybody else that even
begins a conversation of a chance to be better than
MJ, like my heart and soul. I’ve never, when you guys won that title, like I hate every team but mine, but that win against
Golden State was probably the most excited I’ve been
for any other team but mine, because I knew that it would add momentum to getting the debate with LeBron and MJ. I knew how big of a historic win that would be for the debate. – Yeah and it was unprecedented. I mean I could remember,
speaking of stories, I can remember we were in Oakland, we went to their practice facility, the Golden State Warriors,
and it was the one, Klay Thompson had started talking about how they were better
than the Showtime Lakers. – [Gary] Yeah, I remember. – And you know that was kind
of a shot at his dad as well. I grew up with Klay. So we’re going over the Bay Bridge and that commentary is
just still picking up. It’s on Twitter, it’s on
Instagram, it’s on all these social platforms.
– Sports radio, yep. – Oh sports radio, everything. And that’s when Bron just said, he looked around and
goes, “You know what guys? “This is, it’s written. “We’re gonna win tomorrow night. “We’re gonna have a huge game. “It’s gonna be tough. “It’s gonna come down
to the last few minutes. “We’re not losing at home. “Game seven anything can happen.” That’s how it played out. – It’s crazy. – It still gives me
chills thinking about it. – The crazy part back,
we’re gonna bounce back, high level but were super narrow. I had to go to Cannes in France, which is the big market. It’s like the Super Bowl
for marketing companies. I was on the flight to
Cannes during that game seven and literally for some reason
everybody went on WiFi, but for some reason my phone, because I don’t have a laptop. Like my phone was getting the
update play-by-play on ESPN faster by like a 10th of a
second than everybody else around me and everybody was
like and it’s overnight, you gotta get sleep because
the next day in France is the next day and you gotta go. Nobody’s sleeping. – [Kevin] There’s nothing
like sports glory, you gotta watch that. – And literally like
standing like it was insane to play that whole fourth
quarter on your phone getting update by update by update and by the way, a lot of
the people that go to Cannes are from San Francisco, the
tech companies and all that. By the way, on the record
98% of Warrior fans are straight fucking bandwagon. Big shout out to Jim Lanzone
from CBS Interactive, You’re the one true fucking
Warriors fan that I know. All you fuckers at Facebook
and Google and Uber, you motherfuckers didn’t
even know Golden State was in San Francisco a decade ago. I was there, fuck you. You don’t know, if Mitch
Richmond took a shit on your face you wouldn’t know who he was,
so get the fuck out of here with your bullshit bandwagon fandom. – And you’re raising a
little Chris Mullin too so- – Yeah man, dude they don’t know fucking Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin. They don’t know, they don’t
know anything about that shit. So anyway a little, a little pent up Knicks anger to start this show. Kev, go way back. So you’re playing and you’re
just good always or no? – Always good. I mean, and I was always I was always big and we talked about it
before we came on like– – [Gary] Size matters in basketball. – I was a big kid, yeah size mattered, but I always had the skill. Like my dad had the foresight to know where the game was going, he put the ball in my hands, wanted me to play all five positions, but he also wanted me to shoot from deep. Like I think my dad was ahead of his time. He was, well he is 6’9″ and he was about 210 pounds, 205 pounds? I was 6’9″ 280 at one point and, no, he was really ahead of his time– – What was your favorite junk food? – [Kevin] Say it again. – Like when you were fat, right? Which was like– – See, I was just the glutton for the sake of being a glutton. It wasn’t like I had
anything in particular– – Did you go and tilt the
other way and say like all these people think I’m out of shape, I’m just gonna go even worse and still ball on them? – Yeah, actually– – [Gary] I actually understand that. – [Kevin] After, so I was, I was– – I’m doing my hot take
on this whole issue. – Actually was, a little subtle
brag here and not so subtle, I was National Athlete of
the Year my senior year and if looked at me it would just– – [Gary] Stun you. – [Kevin] It would stun you. You would look and be like this guy? – I wish social media was
further along back then because I think you would have
made some ridiculous content. – [Kevin] 100%. – Like squeezing your gut and like just doing dumb
like 15 year-old shit. – For sure ’cause I had
no shame in that stuff like especially now you talk about— – Well by the way I apologize, but that’s where we’re about to go. Like I think some of the
things you’re talking about, like when you start to talk
about mental health issues and other things you’ve talked about, like when I watch you from afar I’m like that’s really good parenting, really good DNA, and
really good circumstance ’cause that kid is not insecure. – [Kevin] Well not anymore. – Well that’s right, that’s
the manifestation of it. So like there’s the things,
back to your weight, maybe you weren’t insecure
about that, people thought, clearly there were things
you were insecure about. We all are, but this is the manifestation of you evolving to closing the gaps in certain parts of your insecurity. – Yeah and you’re so
susceptible to change early on. That’s why I think with
anything mental health-related, whether it be, ’cause I have a saying, kill the body and the mind dies. Like so many kids early on now
are just killing their bodies just to the extent of I
mean, you’re seeing more– – To look good, to be a good athlete, to have like ripped,
like all the weird shit you said like a six year old with a six pack.
– Everything, it transcends. Yeah no, it’s really crazy. Kids are picking up weights earlier on, the load on their body. They’re specializing in sport earlier on and I have no problem with that. I played basketball and baseball, there came a point in time
where my dad was like okay. You’re gonna be what, Randy Johnson? You’re not left-handed,
you don’t have a mullet. You know, it’s just not gonna be you. – By the way, I think you could
fucking rock a good mullet. – I could fucking rock a good mullet and I would be like a David Wells where I’d probably pitch hungover and do a perfect game, you know? And I’d be in a Yankee uniform and that would be incredible but– – But to your point, right? Like how, literally I said this, I spoke to the Rutgers
football team this morning and one of the things I was
talking to one of the coaches on the way out is literally
this is not a joke and this is me really meta. I’ve been thinking a lot about like this question I get asked a lot, which is like what business, much like I started VaynerMedia when I was done with the wine thing and like just literally started at scratch and it was left field for me to build this coming from the wine world. What business would I start and I can’t stop thinking
about this one thing. The number one business as of this moment that I would start in the world is something in youth athletics, because the utter
delusion of every parent. – [Kevin] Oh, it’s at an all time high. – That 99.5% of parents that are listening to this podcast right now
are so fucking delusional that they think their kid
is going to the league when they have no prayer. Like America, your kid is not playing shortstop in baseball, pay attention. Like what is the matter with you? Like literally I’m like oh, I’m gonna build a fucking
billion dollar business exploiting the fact that
people are taking kids that will never play college
sports and training them like they’re gonna be fucking LeBron. Delusion and that’s why a lot of kids are going to early to one
sport because their mom and dad are saying, “If you want
to get to the league, “we need to decide now.” And instead of kids being
happy and well rounded. their parents are
fucking brainwashing them that they’re gonna be on the
fucking World Cup soccer team, but they have to give
up football, basketball, Fortnite, happiness, and
fucking everything else. Meanwhile, that kid sucks. (Kevin laughing) No really and I mean it. I want to use sucks because
I’m hoping one parent listens like actually you know
what, that might be true. – Yeah no, I have no
problem with saying that. I’m with you on that. I’m tired of all these
participation trophies. Families that think
their kids are that good. Listen, I believe that youth sports is a great way to transition into– – [Gary] Life. – Life, because it
teaches you people skills, it teaches you how to be a leader or a follower or being able to follow then turning into many different things and it’s segues you in to different, really a lot of different– – Sports is good ’cause you lose. – It teaches you a number of things. – And we’re trying to
fuck up sports in America by not letting kids lose. – Exactly and it’s terrible. I was just at the Aspen Ideas conference and we had talked about that. There was a lot of scowls out there and I imagine those are the parents that are the ones that you’re talking about. – I went to Brilliant Minds in Stockholm, it was super fancy and I went out there and gave a 10 minute straight
from the hip first time talk around entitlement and let me promise you what went through everybody’s mind. I suck, because you can’t over, because we’re raising zoo animals. Like listen, I wish I was in the league. You think I want to sit
court side and watch you? I want to fucking play, but
self-awareness kicked in. – I would foul this shit out of you. – Yeah, I would have fouled– – [Kevin] I would put you on the ground. – Like I’m the weirdest. I actually would– – [Kevin] I would turn
into oak and I was just– – I’m ’94 Knicks now. Like there’s guys that play with me here, like I’m trying to hurt
people in pickup, hurt. Now! My own employees and friends. Like me and AJ, my brother,
can’t play on the same team in our pickup games anymore because within the first 30
seconds everyone’s on tilt. – So you basically created
your own Jordan rules for the people that you work with? They come in the paint, they’re
getting put on the ground? – Yeah, by the way, let’s
educate the youngsters. Like you know, wanna remind everybody– – [Kevin] Oh, I’m sorry I
don’t know the demographic. I’m assuming it’s– – No, it skews all over the place, but a lot of young people
watch me have no idea that Jordan often was positioned
in the mid to late ’80s as never having a chance
to win a championship, never gonna get through the Pistons. – [Kevin] Look what he had
to go through, exactly. – This and that and like literally some of my last enjoyable
moments was watching like clothes lining Jordan, Pistons sweep, like I love that they walk,
I know that they get shit on for walking off after the
Bulls finally got through them. I love it, fuck him. Let him have no enjoyment. Anyway nonetheless, let’s
not get sidetracked too much. We’ve been alluding to it. Obviously you have this great career. Let’s talk about for five
seconds your recruitment to where you played college ball, because I have a really funny story that I think I might have
once told you on DM or a call. I don’t know if I’ve gone to a significant college basketball
game in the last 15 years, it’s just the nature of how busy I am, but ironically Omid Ashtari, I hope you’re listening or
watching right now Omid, real good friend of mine who worked at CAA took me to a UCLA game like somehow in this one weird window I went to a game and it was your freshman year. I remember like watching–
– Who were we playing? – I don’t recall, I don’t
want to bullshit it, but I just recall like the three of you were standing out to me. Carlson and Russ and I remember like that, he was super pumped. He’s like these fucking freshmen, they’re gonna be fucking awesome, they’re gonna make a real
run in the tournament. I, ’cause I’m so busy get like, the one thing I mandate at VaynerMedia is that every employee fills
out a bracket for March Madness and then the winner gets a huge prize. It’s like a company-wide thing. I’m fucking crazy about
it, but I’m so busy I’m headline reading for my picks and I remember that Omid brainwashed me about you and your crew, so I had you guys going super fucking far, like I think I had you
losing in the finals. So I was super pissed when
you guys underperformed, so there’s that. However, let’s talk about
how you got to UCLA, like was it always them? Was there like always, always them? Did something weird happen? I’m fascinated by the recruitment process. – So yeah you go back to the
origin story here to back up. My dad actually played at
Morningside High School, Jim Herrick, the great Jim
Herrick was his assistant coach at Morningside High School. So they would play one-on-one,
they’d go back and forth. Then those great teams like the ’95 National Championship team. O’Bannon brothers, Tyus Edney with what, 4.8 seconds to get to the Final Four. So UCLA was– – Was it the following year where they lost to Princeton or the year before? I’m confused, I think before. – I’m not certain. – All I remember is I picked
Princeton in my bracket and they stunned him and I was
a hero for the main campus. – [Kevin] You were the guy? – Yeah, that’s like the
Richmond Spiders upset that I picked against ‘cuse my
freshman year of high school I wrote it on the blackboard
before every class. – I mean ‘cuse always finds a way. Jim Boeheim, they always, yeah come on. No, I’m just kidding. – So you were always destined to go there? – I feel like I was. I mean, Oregon was always
in my backyard, I always– – [Gary] You always
considered it a little bit? – Always and Nike, I mean it
was just like Phil Knight, everything, if you’re from Oregon– – But from a pedigree
standpoint of like football. – And my dad went to University of Oregon. So that was I, I grew up
going to the football games. I grew up going to those–
– So was it close? – It was close between North Carolina, where it was Roy Williams and
they had just come off winning a national championship
a couple years prior. – Was that a part of
you doing shit like hey, it might be cool to be on the East Coast, I’ve always been a West Coast kid? – And it was the Duke and UNC rivalry. – You wanted to get into that? – Yeah, the ACC was
unbelievable, but you know, UCLA had been to two straight
Final Fours at the time. Ben Howland was very
good at teaching his guys and having his guys go to the
next level and have success and I think that continued. – Remind me, remind me where
we were in the high school, coming straight out of
high school versus– – Two years removed. So I think what, 2005 was the last year? – [Gary] So you had to go to school? – Had to go, but I probably
would have gone out. – You would have? – [Kevin] Yes. – Flat out? – [Kevin] Flat out. – Did you fundamentally know
you’re gonna be one and done? – [Kevin] Yes, always knew.
– From day one? – Yeah, it was no secret. So they came down to
UCLA and North Carolina and finally Kerry Keating
whose assistant coach there at the time, still heavily
involved in California, not only athletics but basketball as well, he just said you know are we doing this? I remember I was at a tournament in Vegas where they have the 500 teams– – He just went in for the kill? – He played five games on fucking Sunday to win.
– He found the right moment? – Yeah he found the right moment. I was like okay, you got me. Committed to UCLA, ended up going. That was my rising, senior
year end up going to UCLA and made best friends
with Russell Westbrook and we just talked about how we were going to the NBA every single day. – [Gary] That’s so cool. – Yeah. – And you guys did and you did well. – [Kevin] And we did, and
we we’re four and five pick. pretty cool. – Very, very cool. – [Kevin] We were roommates. – It’s real cool, real cool. So what’s the you know, just
there’s a random question, ’cause I really want to get into some of the off the court stuff. What was the biggest surprise? You had a dad that was in league, you were groomed for this,
you know the pedigree, it’s fucking 24/7, even when it wasn’t, it’s running in the background. What was the biggest surprise? – There is nothing you
can do to prepare for– – [Gary] The speed? – The speed, the grind, but playing in Texas
against Dirk or Tim Duncan flying back home on a
back-to-back in Minnesota and playing KG in the Boston Celtics. There’s just nothing you can do. You’re playing two
games a week in college. In the tournament you’re
playing Thursday, Saturday, Thursday, Sunday, and then
you wait to the next week and then you go to the Sweet
16, Elite Eight, Final Four. – Right, so not only is the volume and speed of which the games come at you, you’re also playing against the best fucking players in the world. – And we had so, I mean,
we had lottery picks, we had guys that were first rounders, guys that have huge success in the league, in the Pac-10 at the time, Pac-12 now, but there’s nothing you
can do to emulate that. I played Dirk and yeah, Tim Duncan within the first five games of my career. Tony Parker put up 55 points on us. (laughing) I’m like this is the NBA? So I got blindsided. – Right, ’cause meanwhile
you’re like five minutes away from playing a video game with Tony Parker and like he’s not that fast. – 100%, yeah exactly. And that’s what we did
is we played video games all the time in our locker room at UCLA and we’re like I’m a pick Bron and okay, I’m a pick the Lakers. I’m gonna be Kobe. Then you get there and it’s like okay, Kobe’s putting 40 on us every single time and there’s nothing you can do. He’ll tell you right
straight to your face, he goes, “You guys don’t
have a chance tonight. “It’s Friday night and I’m the show.” – “Who’s the one player
that you like warm, you know tuck it in, you’re checking in, you get on the court and
then you actually see him and it was like actually the
biggest response you had, whether it was something
funny, an inside joke, because you remember being at a camp or whether it was Kobe
and you’re like fuck, this is actually Kobe. – It’s Kobe, 100% Kobe. ‘Cause there’s just I mean I’ve, and this is no disrespect to Bron because he brings them out too and there’s that energy in the gym and you’re getting everybody’s best game. Your whole mindset shifts too when you get on a team like that. I mean we were a super team and we were a team that
was expected go the finals, expected to have the potential
to win a championship. But when I first got into the league, Kobe Bryant, it didn’t matter
if it was a soft Tuesday in Minneapolis, Kobe’s bringing ’em out. I mean there’s a there’s a buzz in the city that Kobe is there. – Yeah and like the worst part, which I still want to punch every person in the building when I’m there, like Kobe drops the first
bucket, it’s two nothing, Lakers, Minnesota, and 73%
of the audience is cheering. – Oh no, it was and by the way, it’s a Minneapolis Lakers,
it’s a home game for ’em, but I mean it’s like
everywhere they went– – This is why it’s great
that I didn’t end up being a fucking professional athlete because like at two nothing
when Kobe gets that jump shot I’m like running back down the court like trying to argue with
fans like fuck you, leave. I hate visiting fans. When I go to visiting games as a Jets fan, I don’t say a word. – I’m trying to think of who you would, what’s like looking in a mirror for you in this league today? – Like Ron Artest meets, like whatever the worst things that have ever happened in sports, that. Because I’m willing like it gets– – So you are like a, speaking of Randy Johnson
in the Seattle Mariner, you were like a Lou Piniella, you take out the base
and you throw the shit. – What’s crazy is not in life, in business people like steal
a million dollars from me, I’m like phew and that’s
why I have to be careful to not project, maybe what I hate about being a fan is I’m not in control. Like when I’m in control, like the CEO of this company,
everything bad, easy. Maybe I’m just frustrated
as a fan like fuck, like you know like, right? Like maybe that’s what it is, so maybe I actually am
completely full of shit and it’s completely the other way when I would actually be
on the corridor field. But no, ’cause when we
play I’m like crazy. – So speaking out of control though– – [Man] You elbow us, you put with like your foot underneath. – Yeah, like a step. I don’t, like when you’re
not, like here’s my thought. When you’re not– – [Kevin] And he’s been
begging me this whole time to come out and play some ball like– – I’m always scared
because while you’re still, when you retire it will be easier, ’cause when you’re active I’m like fuck, what if I get weird and
like then it’s like on and then people actually
found out the real story, it would be like really fucked up. Like I’m always, like I
invite Jet players over and we hang and I’m like fuck, I better be careful here
’cause I actually care. – I’m gonna be taking HGH and
testosterone at that time too. So I’m gonna have rage
fits and just go after you. – Let’s jump to it ’cause I don’t want it
to get away from us. Let’s talk about some of the things you’ve been talking about. Some of things you’re passionate about because I think it’s
uncomfortably important and I think you’re building momentum. Just like I think about so many people that have brought so much value, whether it’s Curt Flood
or Jackie Robinson, with color barriers or
just all these things. You know watching some of stuff
Kyle Korver’s talking about. I’m really excited
about what I believe you and a couple others have started
the momentum conversation. For a lot of people that don’t
even know where I’m going, set it up for me and give me the context, tell me the backstory. – Yeah, it’s I mean everything that you’re alluding to
is mental health related. I’ve dealt with not only panic attacks, but anxiety and depression my entire life. It’s just something that
I’ve always dealt with. I suffered silently
until I was 29 years old. I had an in-game panic attack against the Atlanta
Hawks on November fifth. It was a scary moment. A lot had been going just
devastatingly wrong in my life and that last pillar
to fall was basketball. – [Gary] That was always your safe place. – It was always my safe place. – [Gary] Makes sense, makes sense. – It’s escapism. Everybody’s looking for their escape. – [Gary] My work is mine too. – Exactly, you work and for some people it can be whatever their vice is. It could be drugs and alcohol, it can be exhausting their
body like Robin Williams, that was it for him. With Kate Spade, who
ended up taking her life, it was her work. It was everything that she
stood for and her image and that was a big
reason that she ended up not coming out and saying
what she had dealt with because she was afraid
what it was gonna do for her brand and her image. So I had an in-game panic attack. It was a really scary moment for me. I’ve talked at length
about it where I actually thought I was having cardiac arrest and I was looking for
something that wasn’t there. I’d always had places to go, like I wasn’t kidding about the rage fits, like I know I said
testosterone and all that shit when I’m done playing,
but when I was young that’s how it manifested because I didn’t really
know how I was feeling. I knew what the depression was more so, like I wouldn’t come out
of bed for two weeks. I would play my basketball
and I would go into my room and like my brother would say, it was funny a couple weeks after I had written the Players’ Tribune article and discussed that everybody’s
going through something, he was like, “Oh yeah, we would just “wait for you to be Kevin again.” – [Gary] But straight up two weeks? – Oh yeah, no I had
moments where it had been, there’s little triggers here and there where I’ve developed a new relationship with both my anxiety and depression, but it could last months at a time. It could last months at a
time, so I dealt with that. – That’s one thing if it’s overlaying, it’s another thing if
you’re like physically locking yourself in a room for two weeks. – [Kevin] Yeah, 100%,
so I would go in there– – I think everybody
here is walking on earth with pressures, anxieties,
concerns, doubts. – And you find ways to hide it, like my best friends didn’t even know. I would hide– – But how do they not
know Kevin a two week, like that’s where I’m actually going. Like how would a best friend not know that you’re locked up in two weeks or are you saying every moment I had that I didn’t have to
go to school or practice I just run to the room. Or are you saying two weeks, I’m out and like I may pretend I was sick? – Basically. I mean there were times where
I either wouldn’t go to school or in class I would
just be like super quiet and everybody has their
moments with their friends, their girlfriends and that time. There’s nothing like young love, that sort of thing but no, this was– – You seem super young in
love these days on the ‘gram. – Oh yeah, I am. I’m chasing that a little bit. – I see it, go ahead.
– No, it’s fun. – [Gary] Keep going. – oh no, I’m saying so
when I was young I just– – I just love it. It makes me smile. It’s good, it’s really
romantic shit to be honest. – Ah, you know. When you travel– – I think K. Love’s Instagram is probably the most romantic ‘gram
right now that I follow. – You talking about me and Kate or my dog? – No, you and yourself, yes! – [Kevin] My dog? – No, I know, I know, but– – My fucking puppy is legit. – Everybody knows I’m not
the biggest fan of dogs like that’s a whole meme in itself. No, no, you and Kate. – [Kevin] That’s another podcast? – Yeah, that’s a whole,
fuck, I just got drilled right now in the live
stream, but go ahead. – No, so– – [Gary] Yes, you and
Kate, it’s super cute. – Yeah, it’s good for my mental health. – [Gary] I believe it. – No, it really is. – [Gary] I believe it. – The traveling and the wine. – [Gary] Yes. – But no, I think it came
to a point where I was just, I was done suffering silently. – [Gary] Good for you. – I mean I had such terrible
balance of depression. – I missed the Hawks game. Like was it, now I’m starting
to remember like subtle things but I can’t drill it like, everybody knew, like what happened? – Nobody knew. So that’s the craziest part. So yeah, let me back up. – [Gary] So what did you do,
you asked out of the game? – Yeah, so it was after
halftime and we were down, we were losing to the Hawks and I mean, let’s just call it what it is. – That in itself is probably, now I understand why you
triggered. (laughing) – So we were like they were
like three and nine at the time, I mean you can look it up that was– – [Gary] Yeah I remember,
I remember it now. – It was really, really
not great and so basketball was the last pillar to fall– – And were you manifesting it on yourself? – Oh yeah, for sure. – Like I’m the reason we’re three and O. – Yeah, my self talk was so terrible. – [Gary] Like clearly
it’s not Bron, it’s me. – Yeah it’s me and
everything is going wrong and I have no escape now. – I’m supposed to be
this guy for this team, like I’m the variable– – Craziest part about
it was I was All Star, I was named to the All Star team. – I know who you are. (laughing) No really, I remember or
like actually I want to throw out a compliment real quick ’cause I just fucking
thought of it right now. Back to like my life got real busy, the Knicks have not
necessarily been so exciting, and unlike the Jets on
Sundays, it’s been hard for me to follow the Knicks last
25 years the way I want to. Now I’ve gotten to a place
where I can afford— – [Kevin] Well, this
summer didn’t help either. – No, pfft. Dude, I’m on so tilt I
don’t even wanna go there. (Kevin laughing) I’ve got a screen shot right
now of me FaceTiming with KD. I don’t know if I’ve ever
recruited anything harder. I feel, KD I’m so sorry for the last month of what I put you through. I know everybody put you through shit, but I fucking brought it. I gave it my whole heart. I remember you fucking went
crazy early on in your career in Minnesota against the Knicks. In one rant, I wasn’t catching
a lot of games, but that’s– – 31 and 31, yeah that was at home, yeah. – I was like oh, and
because I saw you as a kid like in that game it was just like, it’s just I was like holy fuck, this guy’s real, real, real good. Like I was like whoa, this
guy’s way better than I thought, like you fucking went
crazy and hit like a late, was it a game-winner in that one or like super late three? – Yeah, so I think I had 28 points and 31 rebounds at the time, I hit a three and that put us ahead. – Yes, I remember. Anyway, that was like literally
a standout game for me all time, like one of the more uncomfortably good
performances I’ve watched. – [Kevin] I guess, yeah. I guess it’s all relative when you’re talking about the Knicks too. – Dude, 31 and 31 is fucking, no fuck. That’s what’s amazing about the NBA, do it against a team
that’s like the Sixers from four years ago, 31
and 31’s uncomfortable. How many fucking people
have every gone 31 and 31? I bet you it’s less than 10. – I think before that it was Moses Malone. Yeah, so. – Anyway nonetheless,
it happened, half-time. I suck shit, fuck this, oof, and then it becomes the cycle, right? Like oh fuck, is this gonna
happen to the one place that I’ve been able to
protect which, right? – So that’s why I go back to the rage fits like when I was young that’s
how it used to manifest and then I always had somewhere to go, like I go to my room or I’d go and break the video game
system or something like that. So no, I just was like
I have nowhere to go, there’s 23,000 people watching
and that even made it worse so my heart is speeding
up and I’m thinking I’m having like a cardiac arrest and my whole body’s shutting down. – [Gary] So do you go to a trainer? – So I go to my, I run, I’m running around the
locker room, nobody’s there. I go straight to my head
trainer Steven Spiro’s office. I just fall on the ground and I pass out. Like I’m gasping for air. I’m sticking my hand
literally down my throat, like I’m thinking like
something’s just lodged in there, I’m trying to get something out. And I mean it was like
a full-on fucking panic, I’m gonna die, I don’t
know what’s happening, full sweats from the game, and this is it, this is the moment. So I ended up going to the you know, they got me back, they had me on oxygen, they sent me to the Cleveland
Clinic to run some tests. Everything checked out
and then at that point I was just kind of like well,
what the fuck just happened? – [Gary] And you knew? – Yeah, well I had an idea. So that, I forget what
day the game was on, but that was right before the first time I was like okay, I’m
gonna see a therapist. – Good for you and when from there did you write the article? – Not until March because– – [Gary] Of course. – Yeah there was still so much going on. I tried to hide it for so long. – You gotta go through
your process, of course. – I had to go through my process so then– – How many people, I apologize
cause I’m looking at time. I know you guys have a hard
stop so I’m going off of that. Like how many people reached out to you privately after that article? That, forget about fans– – I didn’t know what to expect,
because my agent was like “All right, so this is gonna be big.” I said, “Maybe, but I’m
tired of suffering silently. “Like I want to play all my cards.” And fast-forward to now like
I’m so much more comfortable in my own skin, this is just what you get. And like you know I heard
you talk about the other day like what’s your North Star? Like happiness is my North Star, but that’s ambiguous for everybody. It’s not defined as a
one-size-fits-all model. – That’s right. – [Kevin] Like so I’m– – That’s actually the number one thing I’m pounding at scale on Instagram while I have the youth’s
attention, like money can’t be it because it actually isn’t
for almost everybody. – [Kevin] No, it isn’t– – And everybody thinks it is. – I’m not saying that money,
like money is listen– – [Gary] A great enabler of things. – And a great currency, sure, but it’s not the only
currency that matters. For us now like it’s time,
how much time do you have? It’s like a elasticity like
between money and time. Like time is our biggest commodity. – [Gary] 100%. – And so that’s how I’m trying to, I’m trying to figure out, you
laughed about my Instagrams. Like how am I trying to spend my time and so I’m trying so
much more now to just, I’m pressing send on shit, I’m like I don’t care
what people think of this. I’m trying to spend positivity. – I’m not laughing, it
really makes me happy on some real shit. – [Kevin] You see what I mean? Like if people are like oh shit, I need to get out there and travel. – And by the way, just
when everybody looks, there’s a lot of attractive
people hanging out with each other on Instagram. It just obvious to me that it’s happy. – [Kevin] It is. I’m not faking it. – And maybe that’s because
I know a little bit about, like I don’t know why, but I’m not joking, I’m not just like– – [Kevin] It’s authenticity. – It feels super right to me. – It took me so long to
feel all the way there and I’m feel like I’m
getting there, but it– – How many superstars,
athletes, celebrities, pinged you privately after the article? – I mean the the number
of, it was probably, I think we got like 8,500 emails
within the first three days and I was saying I was like all right, you guys have to email me here so that I can try and get back
to and respond to everybody and then the number just
became so outrageous. And entertainers and
athletes and musicians, it was, I mean crazy, in
the 100s, four or 500. – [Gary] It’s great. – But mostly it was I would
say the the large number, why it became into the triple digits was because it was athletes. And even Adam Silver has said
– At every level. – Every level, has said now– – Tired seven-year-olds, the whole nine. – Oh yeah, a lot of football players too. – Listen, I’ll be honest with you. – Getting hit in the head,
a lot of football players. – And even if they’re not there yet, you start becoming scared of it. – [Kevin] Yeah, well guys
are retiring now at 25. – [Gary] Derek Morgan. – Exactly. – I don’t know if you saw what he wrote, like the proudest thing that
has happened in my world that I haven’t said out loud
is we signed Derek Morgan to VaynerSports, made him
more money off the field than all the things that VaynerSports brings to football players
and we didn’t make a penny and we knew we weren’t gonna make a penny ’cause we knew he was too
thoughtful and worried about it that he would sign another contract. So we worked with him for
two years and the NFL, whoever does the contract
gets the dollars, not whoever’s the current agent and it makes me smile every day and it makes me smile
because I’m happy for him because if we were putting pressure on him to sign one more deal so
to make us ROI positive, but he took one or two more
hits than he wanted to, fuck if it would have
actually done something, the perception’s fucking reality and when stuff starts getting
in your head that way. Yeah, I mean, like– – I truly believe too like
you get what you give. I didn’t realize that, like that’s why I think
I’m settled in too now because I think as an athlete you’re burning it at both
ends so fast and so quickly, some longer than others depending on, you know we could have a whole talk about longevity as well, right? But you know it comes at you fast. I’m headed into my 12th season. I was just talking about how Tony Parker was putting 55 on us. I was playing KG and
Dirk and all those guys, but I now feel like I
have a higher purpose and I can affect the masses. – And does that make you want
to also play your two more because the platform is more juice? – [Kevin] Oh, for sure. – Makes sense. – But yeah, post-basketball I feel like I’m doing a good job of
laying the groundwork to– – Who did you stumble across in Minnesota, whether on your team or somewhere else, that all of a sudden the
last two or three years you’re like wait a minute, I’m old now, like in that funny way
that we talk to each other. And you’re like wait a minute, my second year that
fucking old dude that I, now I understand why he like
threw the water at thing or why he was in the
corner yelling at that. Like wait a minute, that
was fuck, I’m gonna do that. Do you have anything like that? – No, I mean yes. I should write a book. I mean it’s like Collin Sexton. He’s 19 years old, I’m sitting there– – The amount of Collin Sexton rookie cards my son and I are picking up right now ’cause we think he’s sneaky underrated. – He’s sneaky underrated and he’s here. He’s here, he’s at basketball city this morning talking to the kids. I’m like dude, you’re
fucking eight years older than these guys, five years
older than these guys. – He’s like, “Hey, kids!” You’re like you’re a kid– – [Kevin] Yeah, he’s like “Let me tell you “what I’ve learned in my career.” – Yeah, you’re like sit down. – Yeah, he texted me he’s
like, “You were here?” I was like, “Bro, you’re
talking to these kids?” – [Gary] You’re the fucking kid. – Yeah, like you’re a year removed. No, but he’s– – [Gary] Seems like a good kid too. – Yes but that’s the
craziest part about it, like he’s so young. He doesn’t even like, he’s
a lot of untapped potential, sneaky underrated as you
said, but he’s just so young and then you look at guys like Dirk retiring this year or Vince Carter. He’s still going. – He’s never retiring,
you know that right? No, it’s in perpetuity. – [Kevin] Yeah, I’m surprised
the Knicks didn’t sign him. – Are you starting a razz? – No. – I mean the Knicks, I’m
not even going to go here. By the way, on the
record I think the Knicks are blackballed, on the record. I’m pretty convinced intuitively– – There’s no better
place to play by the way. – But this off season
was deeply uncomfortable from the way I think about the world, like the real world is
gray not black and white. I’m in a very scary place of fear. I never fear like even
when the Jets and Knicks have been at the worst, there’s no math that makes sense they didn’t
get any of the players, which makes me go into
deep conspiracy theory, the Oakley thing, top 50
players got into a weird dinner, decided and we’re done. That’s literally what I believe. – [Kevin] Wow. – I hope it’s not true. (Kevin laughing) But nothing makes sense. Like you can’t be in that spot
where the Clippers and Nets get, like they had all the leverage, all the math, anyway I don’t
even want to get depressed like on that in sports depression to put in context of this room. – [Kevin] Well and people
live vicariously through. – Let’s do a call, let’s do a call. I knew I was going to fuck this up. (Kevin laughing) Let’s definitely do a call. Kevin, what is your favorite sports team? – Favorite sports team? – Your personal, like your team that you root for the most, if anybody. – I mean I grew up watching, it’s funny I was a Niners fan because I grew up, perfect time to be, yeah and also it was right
there and within the Northwest, I grew up in Portland, Oregon. And then I was a Mariners guy because they had Griffey– – [Gary] Yeah, Ichiro. – Yeah, everybody. They’ve been good for so long. [Gary] Edgar, all those teams. – Yeah, Jay Buhner. I mean I used to play
Ken Griffey Jr baseball and hit the cheat code and just fucking knock that shit out every time. – The Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps trade that the Yankees made is all time bad. – [Kevin] All time. – All time. – [Kevin] Buhner was the man too. – Dude, Jay Buhner and
he like had that look before that look existed. They were bashing, he
was a beast, they like– – So was Edgar too, they just
got inducted, what, yesterday? – Edgar is actually the only person that knew how to hit Mariano
Rivera ever, like literally. – [Kevin] The cutter,
nobody could hit the cutter. – Nobody, you got something? – [Man] Max. – Max, Max. – [Max] Yeah, how’s it going? – [Kevin] Mad Max. – Good, it’s Gary
Vaynerchuk and Kevin Love. How are you? – [Max] Good, how are you? – We are well, what’s your question? – [Max] My question was… – Max real quick, admit right now that you are stunned that
you actually got called and now your baffled
and you have to come up with a question on the spot. – [Max] I’m actually, do you know what? I knew you’re gonna ask this question, because I watch a ton of your stuff so I knew you were gonna ask this question and I knew it was gonna come up, but I’m actually kind of not- – Good, so go. – [Max] Just by watching
the comment section. I knew that I was engaging with the people in the comments enough. – [Kevin] Is this is a question? – No, no, he’s making a profound statement of how he tricked Andy to call him. Good shit Max, now what’s the question? – [Andy] He didn’t trick me. I grabbed his number a long time ago. – Yeah Max, he liked the concept you went with, but go ahead. – [Max] Yeah no, my question was from like a management perspective because I manage a lot of
different music artists, so it’s a little bit out of the realm, but I was wondering I
wanted to get your input on what is the most
effective way to deal with and market talent to get it out
to the widest audience base? – Got it, so I’ll jump in real quick and then Kev, you got anything
to add, that’d be fun. The deal with part is impossible because they’re fucking artists, which means they act
like idiots often, right? And what you need to remember, but what you need to
remember is not to be a dick because they have talent and you don’t and that’s why you decided
to manage them, make sense? Like people are always
trying to like get artists to be like on time,
that’s not what they do, they fucking write great songs, they create great beats,
they perform on stage, so like I’m always laughing
at my manager friends. They’re like, “Yo Gary, yo can
you just talk to this kid?” I’m like dude, you love this kid because he fucking dyed his hair purple and fucking on one minute of sleep can go out in front of
40,000 people at Rolling Loud and fucking slay it, not
because he shows up on time for a meeting with me dick, right? – [Max] Exactly. – So I think you need to fucking own what you decided to do for a living and understand you got to
take the good with the bad, that’s how you deal with it. You don’t dwell on what they suck at, you fucking focus on what
they’re phenomenal at. As far as getting them out there, it’s called fucking SoundCloud
and Instagram and YouTube and I spit it 40 times a day all the time, put fucking music out, the end. The same advice– – [Max] That’s what I’m saying. It’s just a pure content play? – Yes, you’re in the content business. Every fucking artist ever sucked until they put a banger out. – [Max] Exactly. – Like everybody sucked
until they put out a song that made them not suck. Alanis Morissette, nobody knew, killed it. You understand, it’s as simple as that and now that you’ve
SoundCloud and fucking Spotify and YouTube, there’s no
more A&Rs and fucking MTV and fuck the labels, it’s
like no fucking excuses. Get in studio, make a song, put it out, DM a thousand influencers,
hope somebody shares it, fucking then let the market decide. Like I know everybody gets mad at me for saying like the same
advice, it’s the right advice. It’s like how you get into better shape, exercise and eating right. Sorry, sorry that’s what it is. – [Max] Would you do the same thing like with a clothing brand
with a musical artist as far as the influencers go? Like would you pay an influencer to– – Yes, but everything needs exposure. So either you’re so great
that Sports Illustrated puts you in it and you get exposure or not and like yes, I would pay,
but you also need to be good. Everything comes back down to merit. Like I understand how to try
to become a basketball player, which is like work all these skills but if I wasn’t physically
inclined to have it, it would mean that I’d be a
good pickup basketball player and that’s what I tell
people about clothing brands. Like yes you should overpay, you should pay influencers
to rock your shit, but if your shit’s whack or
if you overpaid the influencer your skills in it weren’t good enough so like it’s not a
one-size-fits-all advice. It’s be great at influencer marketing. There’s a reason that VaynerMedia does the work for Fila
and Fila did get rebooted because we’re the best in the
fucking world at what we do. There’s a reason that
everybody wants to say they have a fashion brand as
an entrepreneur on Instagram because they printed a thousand T-shirts, but being a successful fashion brand versus printing nine T-shirts
and calling yourself a brand because you came up with a funny sentence, those are two very different things. (laughing) And there’s a lot of fuckers on Instagram with funny sentence T-shirt companies. (laughing) Execution bro. – [Max] Well thank you
and I appreciate the time. – You’re welcome, you got it bro. How do you think about
fashion, you like it? I see you’re wearing a
fucking Stone Cold T-shirt. – Yeah, I rocked this today, this is my– – [Gary] You’re wearing
your fucking Jordan– – Ah yeah, sorry. – I see what you’re doing, it’s all right. How do you think about it, you like it? – Yeah I love fashion and plus, I mean, it’s become a
huge thing in basketball. Especially come playoff time. – Especially your fucking
home boy from college. I mean he’s fucking, he’s just making, I think Russ is just making shit. I feel like he sometimes
trolling the game, like he loves fashion
but some of this shit I’m like you know what? – For sure, but he knows
it’s gonna get eyes. It’s just like you said,
it’s gonna create content, and everybody is gonna
send him so much stuff to try to influence their brand. And it’s become a runway,
it has become a business. – He’s great at it. – [Kevin] Yeah, he’s really, really good and oh my god, can you imagine what, between PJ Tucker, Russ, and James Harden, what that’s gonna be like? – [Gary] It’s gonna be amazing, Gav? – [Gavin] Hey Gary Vee,
how’s it going guys? – Good man, say what’s up to K Love. – [Gavin] Hey Kev. – What’s good buddy? – [Gavin] Hey, actually my question is I heard you talking
about beating depression and having anxiety attacks and stuff, so my question to you
is how to stay strong and like stay focused on your goals while you going through that? – Yeah, I mean that’s super, I mean that’s probably the toughest part because a lot of the time, I mean for me it was
basically having blinders on and not seeing the effect I
was having not only on myself but other people and I also
read like a cheap novel like everybody knows when
I’m really going through it. But I always say, you know for
me it was chasing basketball, it was chasing my vice, it
was chasing what I love, and I always feel like if
you chase what you love everything you love will
chase you right back, everything you want out of this life, but you know you have to
find ways to manage it, especially you know at your worst times. And a lot of people
can’t afford a therapist, they can’t afford going to see
someone and paying for that, so you have to find tools
whether it be meditation, whether it be exercising,
getting that endorphin release, finding ways to deal with
your serotonin levels, whether it be medication. – I’ve noticed a lot of kids
hitting me up about eating, like eating behaviors changed a lot. – By the way, eating changes everything. I just read it– – Sunan wants me to like, him and his dad, who’s like some crazy Turkish like genius, we’re about to, like I’m
about to go there Sunan. I told you in the back
of the car, I’m ready. Take all my blood, like I’m ready. I’m about to fucking change that shit up. – But you can change your life, like your relationship with your body I feel like is, is so, so key. I mean I know that, but
I’ve lost so much weight. I’ve kept the inflammation
down in my body. I think chronic inflammation, like I’ve seen it in my father, I’ve seen in a ton of people. I’ve seen it in retired athletes. I’ve seen it in, we’ve
mentioned football players, whether they’re retired or not. Like when you feel like
shit getting out of bed every day in the morning, you’re like this day’s gonna suck. This day’s gonna be terrible. – Pain’s bad, mental or physical. – Exactly, but you know
I would just say yeah, finding different ways to manage it and finding different ways
to change the relationship with whether it be your
anxiety or depression or any phase of mental illness. I’m a type of person that
medication has worked for me. – [Gary] Has? – Yes. – [Gary] Keep going. – You know cognitive behavioral therapy has worked for me as well and science and data has showed that that can actually prove to be more beneficial over time than meds. But getting back to the
therapist part for a sec, this can be a friend, this can
be listening to your podcast, finding ways to deal with other shit, deal with business, deal with
anything that you’re into. It could be a family member. It can be somebody who, you know, a parent of one of your kids friends, it can be anybody within arm’s distance. – This is a place where
I tread very lightly ’cause I like talking about shit I know and so take it for what it’s worth Gavin. I think one thing that I’ve
seen a ton of messages from is finding somebody who’s
a little bit further away from your inner circle so it
doesn’t affect that dynamic, has been really fascinating
how people have pinged me that. – [Kevin] I never thought of that before. – You know like when it’s
your mom or your brother over time that can create
something within that dynamic and having the luxury
of it being a little, you know if you think about a therapist– – [Kevin] A step removed. – Or three steps removed. Like friend a friend or acquaintance. It’s been really interesting. – And maybe that person will, it comes from an unbiased point of view. It’s not gonna ruin your relationship. – It’s not weighted right,
you’re talking to your mom, she’s thinking about your dad. There’s just so many other variables. That’s why the therapist’s so
far removed has such value. – [Kevin] They’ll probably catch something that you haven’t seen. – Back to your point, not
being able to afford it. One kid wrote me this manifest, I love reading my comments. It’s how I learned so much insights that I’m not going through. This kid talked about
something of me talking about like not over judging yourself, it led him to another thing, then he read something
about something else. What it led to was it being
a teacher in his school that he doesn’t even have as a teacher. He found it as a removed thing. like it really worked for him and I was like ooh, that’s, you know when you think
about the DNA of a teacher they want to help, a lot of them. – My counselor in high school, when I told her that I wanted to go to North Carolina or UCLA, these places, she was like, “Your GPA doesn’t indicate”, I go no, no, no. I’m gonna go to UCLA then
I’m gonna go do this. – We’re you like hey, I
drop 30 a fucking game. Do you understand how this actually works? – Yeah, exactly. But I was just like you know to the point like there’s you know, we
talked about the the parenting and some of them are just fucking setting their kids up for failure. – It’s like practical optimism is amazing and everything else sucks. Pessimism sucks, delusion sucks. – But instead of just saying that, why don’t you say okay,
now show me the tool, show me the way in order
to get to that point. – Gav, do you beat yourself up? Like if I asked you that
question, how do you go with that? – [Gavin] I’m sorry, what was that again? – I said if I ask you do
you beat yourself up, right? Like something happens and you’re the one beating yourself up, is that
like part of your framework? – [Gavin] Yes, I definitely
do that I would say, like just sometime I just get really, I definitely beat myself up for sure. – I’ve just been spending so
much time like with myself, it’s why nobody’s really
seen any content about it ’cause again because of
what’s going on with me I want to be very careful
to stay in my lane and not overstep, but it’s just you know? I got nothing else to say other than man, I just want to say one thing, I got so much love for you. Please understand that the
voice that beats yourself up, I genuinely believe this. I really don’t think it’s your voice. I think it’s a voice that’s been input and I think once you understand that, it liberates you when you start realizing you’re not the person booing yourself. And if you can figure that part out, if that could start the part of a thesis or something that you discover I think it could be liberating in a way that you can’t believe what
that will do for you bro. – Yeah and to know that
you’re not alone too, like I think it’s predisposition, like we’re all taught early
on when we start speaking and start absorbing what
our parents are saying or the people around us are saying, we’re kind of taught how to think and that voice in your
head, that narrative, that me, can really fuck you up. – [Gary] Real quick. – Really quick, so until
you start doing that work and then continue because you can have, it’s like I’ll relate it to basketball. You can have a great game and that feeling only
lasts for 24 to 48 hours, whereas you have a terrible
game, it’s a national TV game, and you feel like you’re
set up for failure. That could last for two weeks. That’s how negative thoughts are. – And I’m also trying to
think about how to turn that into positive because
like one of the things that’s really interesting about me is I do not smell roses. So like back to the
Yankees and the Rangers, I dropped them the second
after the championship. You know like I’m trying to
think about why I talk about process a lot of times
is like to your point, the national televised game like, it’s not that I dwell about it. I don’t know. There’s something I’ve been
thinking a lot about lately, which is like with everything
that’s going on with me, I talk a lot about not hearing the boos, I don’t give a fuck what you think, but it goes both ways. I also don’t hear the accolades. Like so many people as my
notoriety and awareness grows and things that are going on with me, they’re always like man you’re so humble and every time I hear somebody say that I say it’s because I can’t hear your boos. That is literally what
happens when somebody, you know ’cause they don’t expect it, especially the way I am
on video and on stage, they get confused by like the humility when they actually get to know me. And it’s so funny how intuitive I feel that’s completely laddered to me not hearing people that shit on me. Like I don’t get high when they cheer and I don’t get like low– – We say in the NBA fail quickly, but it’s also having
success quickly as well. Like as a human– – I appreciate it Gav,
I wish you well bro. Really, thanks for calling. – [Gavin] Awesome, thank you guys. Thank you have a good one. – Kev, one of my favorite
things in the world of sports that maps to life is when the
home team boos the home team after the road team went on a 11-0 run and you call a timeout. And I’ve been thinking
about this for two years, I don’t know what it is
about that singular moment in all the sports I watch. Like you know I love boxing, one of my favorite fighters
of all time just passed away, got hit by a car, Sweet Pea Whitaker. Pernell Whitaker, I don’t
know if you know that name and I loved him for defense. He was Mayweather before
Mayweather in defense and I’m a counter
puncher as a businessman, so I associate with him and– – I would be like the Tyson Fury. – I get it, he was so charismatic. – [Kevin] He’s the best. – The best. – [Kevin] And he has a great story too. He should be on here if
he hasn’t been already. – I’d like to get him on here. Tyson if you’re listening, hit me up. I don’t know what it
is about the home team letting the road team go
on a 11-0 run, timeout, and the whole fucking place, everywhere, even the best teams. By the way, ironically
back to a meta story. I went to the Knicks-Cavs opener when LeBron came back– – [Kevin] Ugh. – Yeah, best, I was so pumped. So being in that game right obviously– – Carmello hit that left
wing mid range, yeah. – Yes, so even like off
all the fucking accolades and Brons back in that game,
it’s the first game back. Everyone’s euphoria, Knicks
going like a 7-0 run, time out, boo, and I
sit there and I’m like there is something about this home. Back to how I think about life. – [Kevin] It’s fragile, it’s what have you done for me lately? – It also makes me want people
to think about life that way, which is like you could
have a shitty three years and it’s still just a second quarter, life just went on a 7-0 run on you. Like what’s the score at triple zero? I don’t know, I mean Bulls
who I hate with all my heart, some of those road Knicks games that I went to back in a
day, like four fucking, six championships they give these fuckers. Down 13-0 to start the game, boo. And I’m like fuck and
there’s something about like how I think about that. You know watching Wimbledon the other day. Joker, like nothing, Joker’s by far my favorite
tennis player, by far. So I’m in this bar as the
match is in the fifth set and the whole bar is
going nuts for Federer. – [Kevin] Of course. – And I’m sitting there watching,
rooting for Joker quietly, because I’m with the fam and I’m trying not to make attention like I’m trying to stay
private, and Joker, that nine-minute game where Federer almost came back from 40 Love. Joker breaks through and
wins it and I go nuts. And the whole bar looks at
me, the whole bar looks at me, and then two guys laughed
and they came up to me like, “You’re not really rooting for Joker, “you’re just doing that?” Like literally verbatim asked me if I just did that for show. I was like I’m rooting for fucking Joker and Joker I think at his best is when he takes on the role of the villain– – Right, but he’s trying to embrace, he wants to be well liked. – Of course, ’cause he’s got fucking fuck face Nadal and Federer loved so much, there’s no way you’re
going to win that game. – [Kevin] There’s no way,
you’re never gonna win that. – He is gonna win that
game, I’ll tell you when. When he’s old. When they’re gone, he’s the old man– – Because they feel like the underdog. – 100%, it’s the same
way I feel about Kobe. I hated him my whole career,
like his whole career, until when I felt he lost
a little bit of a step. I’m like okay, now I want him to like, you know like it’s what America does. Rise, crash, right, you know? So and I’m all underdog,
but like the face he made, like nothing speaks to
me more than Joker’s face when he fucking is in that
match, the whole world, fuck the audience at Wimbledon,
is rooting against him and he looks at everybody
and says, “Fuck you.” I love that. – I agree that he has to
take on that villain role. I mean it potentially could
get him the most majors ever. – I fully believe it and it’s
not natural to who he is. – Because what happens when
those two guys are out? He’s going to absolutely
takes over the sport. – When he absorbs it and takes it on, you know what the
breakthrough of his career from my perspective
was, was at the US Open, I don’t know if you know this reference, where he was in deep shit. It was over, Federer was
serving for the match and he returned this one forehand, which was like such a fuck you forehand that it kind of fucked everyone’s psyche. The announcers, the stadium, and ultimately Federer in my opinion and he came all the way back and won and that’s when I was like dude. – I do remember that. I actually watch a lot of tennis. I respect, I’m not the biggest fan– – When the Knicks played
the Cavs last year and we became friendly and it was like a tight little game and just like watching you
down in the last two minutes and we were having a little banter and you’re like the Knicks came back and like tied it or something and you looked at me and said, “No, don’t worry, they’re
not going to win.” I was so pumped, I still hated you, like I was like fuck you dude, but like I loved it ’cause
that’s exactly, I live for that. Trying to figure out how
to take that negativity and turn it into that
versus what Gavin’s talk, like I will probably spend my whole life trying to figure out how to communicate around the whole world
wants to take a shit on you and you take that and make it a positive, is obviously a foundation of self esteem, lack of insecurity, many other things. I gotta figure it out
because somewhere in there and I think it’s a very fine line. That to me is the fucking game. But that also requires
when everybody tells you you’re awesome to know
it, but not fully embrace it because then you’re fully
embracing the boos too. I think a lot of kids that
are getting delusional with their parents or getting
a lot of success early are stuck late, that’s why
school fucks people up. You’re a straight-A student
and you think that’s life and then life kicks in and life laughs. – [Kevin] Right, well
there’s no diversity. – It’s one system. – Yeah. Life will throw you that cutter. – And somehow Edgar understood
it, but nobody else did. – [Kevin] Yeah, no I get it, I get it. – Thank for being on the show bro. – Appreciate it bro. – [Gary] Thank you.
– Thank you. – That was fucking awesome,
let’s just end it with that. – [Man] Cool. – Cool.

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